Is Winks Health Blood Pressure Monitor Best?

The digital blood pressure monitor from Winks Health is a perfect home solution to keep up your good health. This digital blood pressure monitor gives you accurate blood pressure measurements most of the time and makes your life easier. The accuracy of the Winks Health blood pressure monitor is surprisingly very high, and you will find it very easy to position and it the machine on your arm. 

This device from Winks Health comes forward with a very transparent reading in less than a minute. You will barely find any other blood pressure monitor with straightforward data as the Winks Health Blood Pressure monitor. So, if you are willing to get precise readings, then Winks Health Blood Pressure Monitor is a very good choice these days. 

Winks Health Blood Pressure Monitor Review: Top Features

Large display and smooth button control: 

Winks Health Blood Pressure Monitor comes with a fairly large display. It offers an easy and user-friendly button control, a suitable design regardless of the users’ age. 

This design allows a smart operation and a good clear viewing experience for the users. The user-friendly device is suitable to use for most people. The senior users also can operate the device by themselves with minimum effort and with no guidance from others.

Premium Built-in Chip: 

The Premium Built-in Chip that Winks Health Blood Pressure Monitor offers does deliver a measurement with great precision. It also allows you to take your blood pressure at home with great accuracy with the help of its smart voice prompt.

Adjustable arm cuff band: 

The flexible and well-adjustable arm cuff band of Winks Health Blood Pressure Monitor can fit a circumference of 22-32cm(8.7-12.6inch) of your arm. This is very much compatible with all the family users.

Memory function: 

To help remind the daily measurement results, this device offers you a recording capacity of 99 sets of measuring records per user mode. You can also have two user modes that can entirely meet the demands of your parents simultaneously.

Support a two-way power supply

The Winks Health Blood Pressure Monitor offers you a two-way power supply. You can either pick 4*AAA batteries (batteries are not included), or you can also directly connect its USB cable for continuous use. This frees you from the operation hassle and allows you to save energy. 

IHB heart rate test: 

The IHB heart rate test feature of this device can detect arrhythmia at the same time while measuring blood pressure.


  • Material: ABS
  • Color: White, Black
  • Display: Comes with an LCD Digital Display
  • Blood Pressure Measurement Range: 0mmHg~280mmHg/0~37.3kPa
  • Pulse Measurement Range: 40~199PUL/MIN
  • Accuracy: ±3mmHg(±0.4kPa)
  • Power Options: 4 x AAA battery (batteries are NOT included) or USB charging
  • Memory: 99 Storage Records Each User Mode
  • Main Unit Size: 116*96*60mm/4.56×3.78×2.36inch
  • Fitment: Fit for 22-32cm/8.7-12.6inch arm circumference
  • Cuff Band: 50cm

So, suppose you prefer reliance and compatibility with your health solution at home. In that case, Winks Health Blood Pressure Monitor is certainly an excellent choice for you. 

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