Where To Buy Fair Trade Rugs

With a noticeable boom in the fast furniture and fast home goods industry over the past decades, many furnishing items that used to be carefully crafted have now been commodified and are being mass-produced. Unfortunately, this has also led to an increase in usage of forced and child labor within the industry of rugs. However, due to Fair Trade certifications, several companies are now contributing to a supply chain model that ensures positive livelihood, fair treatment, good wages, and upholding the rights of those who make rugs.

Where To Buy Fair Trade Rugs

To help you make purchasing decisions that put the people and the planet first, we have created a list of places and brands where you can buy fair trade rugs.

1.0 Zuahaza

Where To Buy Fair Trade Rugs

  • Price Range – $$ – $$$
  • Products – Runner rugs, accent rugs, and area rugs
  • Ethics – Fair Trade certified, BIPOC owned, cultural preservation, and use of only natural dyes as well as organic fibers

Zuahaza is a true artisan of rugs and sources its materials through fair trade practices. This brand is known to create incredibly unique rug designs and patterns, where they are expertly crafted by weavers back in Colombia, who are all treated according to the requirements set by the fair trade certifiers. Zuahaza is known not only for their eye-catching rugs but also known for sourcing fique, which is a natural fiber quite like hemp found in Colombia, through sustainable sources. That is not all; the fique used within the rugs are grown organically and free from the use of any chemical pesticides.

2.0 Bolé Road Textiles

Where To Buy Fair Trade Rugs

  • Price Range – $ – $$$
  • Products – Accent rugs and area rugs 
  • Ethics – Fair trade certified, BIPOC owned, and use of only natural fibers sourced locally

Bolé Road Textiles is an incredible fair trade certified rug brand that is not for its beautiful and eye-catching accent and area rugs. Not only do their rugs feature the use of vivid colors, but you will also be able to find accent and area rugs with a much more minimalistic aesthetic. So, no matter what type of rug you are trying to find, you can find it at Bolé Road Textiles. That is not all, Bolé Road Textiles is a fair trade certified brand owned by black women, which is known to partner with weaving businesses in Ethiopia that are owned by women. They are known to show the support of artisans and craftsmanship continually. Not only that, but they also help to ensure that they are providing their workers with employment opportunities that are sustainable by paying sizable wages.

3.0 Loom & Field

Where To Buy Fair Trade Rugs

  • Price Range – $$$
  • Products – Runners and area rugs
  • Ethics – Fair trade certified, slow-made, cultural preservation, use of only natural dyes as well as eco fibers

Loom & Field are one of the market leaders when it comes to homeware items but are particularly known for their textiles, that is, their carefully crafted rugs. Their workers consist of female weavers only who reside in Morrocco. This is why Loom & Field is known to only sell their encapsulating rugs in small batches. The weavers hired by Loom & Field are only known to utilize traditional yet timeless techniques to design and make each individual rug. The great thing is that these rugs are only made from fibers that are not only natural but also recycled. As for the dyes, only natural local Moroccan dyes are used within the process. The best part is that Loom & Field are known for giving back as, each year, they fund a project that supports artisans residing in Morrocco, which allows them to enjoy a better standard of living. These projects mainly include investments that help provide them with teachers and even safer stoves.

4.0 The Citizenry

Where To Buy Fair Trade Rugs

  • Price Range – $$$
  • Products – Area rugs
  • Ethics – Fair trade certified, craft preservation, use of only natural fibers

If you are looking for fair trade rugs that have a much more natural and minimalist aesthetic, then this brand is the ideal one for you. The Citizenry is known to only make of natural fibers within their rug-making process and features subtle colors with eye-catching patterns.


  • Price Range – $$$
  • Products – Area ruga 
  • Ethics – Fair trade certified, use of only natural fibers and traditional techniques, LGBTIA+ owned

At MINNA’s you will always find area rugs with elegant patterns, where each rug has been ethically and carefully woven by expert weavers and artisans. Their signature aesthetic leans towards a variety of unique and different textures as well as geometric patterns. As a fair trade certified rug brand, MINNA sources and uses only natural fibers, such as wool and cotton. Not to mention that the artisans who work at MINNA are given the power to choose their wages themselves and be employed within small cooperatives.


  • Price Range – $$ – $$$
  • Products – Outdoor rugs, accent rugs, runners, and area rugs 
  • Ethics – Fair trade certified, craft preservation, use of materials that are non-toxic and eco friendly 

LOOMY is a particularly unique fair trade certified rug brand as it was founded by a weaver itself. This brand is known for its dedication towards making rigs that are not only beautiful but also non-toxic and ones that utilize only eco-friendly and unique materials, such as jute, banana silk, and cotton that has been recycled. When it comes to LOOMY you will always find all of their products to feature top-tier crafting quality.

All of the brands mentioned within this list have the two things that you would be looking for, which are the use of fair trade practices and incredible designs and patterns. So, you can rest assured that if you were to pick any one of these fair trade certified rug brands on this list, you would always leave with a rug that you will feel fully satisfied with. But, of course, who wouldn’t, knowing that they are making purchase decisions that help safeguard the rights and livelihoods of talented artisans.

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