Top 5 Best Variable Speed Pool Pump

A swimming pool is one of the best things to have in a home. It offers enjoyment, entertainment and guarantees you feel happy in your home. However, it is crucial to have the best variable speed pool pump, or you will find it challenging to maintain the pool. To see what the top 5 best variable speed pool pump are, keep reading the following article

Pool pumps are responsible for circulating chemicals through the water and filtering out any impurities. Because of this, your pool will stay clean at all times. So, if you are looking for variable speed pool pumps, you are in the right place. 

Here are the best ones you will love.

Top 5 Best Variable Speed Pool Pump In 2021




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Top 5 Best Variable Speed Pool Pump Hayward SP2610X15

1. Swing-away hand knobs 

2. Oversized debris basket 

3. 1.5 horsepower

Top 5 Best Variable Speed Pool Pump

XtremepowerUS 2HP

1. 2 horsepower

2. 230 volt

3. High flow rate

Top 5 Best Variable Speed Pool Pump

Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo

1. 90% energy savings 

2. Eight-speed settings

3. Built-in diagnostics

Hayward W3SP2603VSP

1. 80% energy savings 

2. Programmable touchpad 

3. TEFC motor

Pool Pump by Blue Torrent

1. 1 horsepower

2. Quiet motor

3. Manual on/off

1. Best Variable Speed Pool Pump: Hayward SP2610X15 – Best Overall

Top 5 Best Variable Speed Pool Pump

The Hayward SP2610X15 is the best variable speed pool pump that many pool owners have been using for decades. That is because it is everything a pool owner wants, from sturdy construction to high pumping power. The motor of the pool pump has 1.5 horsepower, which means it is ideal for big swimming pools. 

It can easily circulate the entire swimming pool because it provides over 3,450 rpm to users. The best part is that the pump will easily remove and block any air that tries to get into the pump through the suction pipe. That is why the functionality of this pool pump is like no other.


  • The strainer basket is 100 cubic inches
  • It can run at a cool temperature
  • You can use it for large swimming pools
  • You can easily remove covers
  • It comes in single-speed and variable-speed models


  • The pool pump is loud, which is why it is not ideal for people looking for quiet pumps

2. Best Variable Speed Pool Pump: XtremepowerUS 2HP – Runner Up

Top 5 Best Variable Speed Pool Pump

The XtremepowerUS 2HP is the best variable speed pool pump because it has a powerful motor of 2 horsepower that can easily handle the biggest pools. The pump’s flow rate comes to over 5,200 gallons per hour, which means it can easily circulate water in no time. Besides that, the pump does not make any noise. 

You can easily install this pool pump because it doesn’t require much technical knowledge or skill to assemble. There is also a strainer that comes with it that you can easily remove and reinstall in no time. The debris basket is large, and the strainer lid is transparent so you can see when it is time to remove the debris. 


  • Powerful motor
  • It does not make any noise
  • It is easy to assemble and install
  • The flow rate is high for better circulation
  • Longer time between each cleaning session because of the large debris basket


  • The suction power is lower than other pool pumps

3. Best Variable Speed Pool Pump: Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo

Top 5 Best Variable Speed Pool Pump

Are you looking for the best variable speed pool pump that will offer you maximum performance? If you are, then you must not look further than the Pentair 011018 Pentair IntelliFlo. The three-horsepower offers performance like no other as it is incredibly efficient at keeping your pool clean. 

The best part is that the pump comes with a built-in diagnostic feature, which means it can easily troubleshoot problems. Because of this, you will know if there is something wrong with the pump, and you can take steps to fix it in no time. It comes in eight speeds you can choose from for the best experience. 


  • Three horsepower for maximum performance
  • It comes in eight-speed settings
  • It comes with an integrated keypad
  • It has a built-in diagnostic feature to troubleshoot problems
  • Highly efficient and durable


  • It is expensive

4. Hayward W3SP2603VSP

The Hayward W3SP2603VSP is the best variable speed pool pump because it offers energy savings and efficiency like no other. You can conserve 80% of electricity by opting for this pool pump. That is why it is one of the best options for all pool owners looking to save their electricity bills and costs. 

If you want to optimize the operations of this pool pump, you can easily use the control system to set the runtime and speed according to your needs. Besides that, the pump ensures a significant water volume circulation like no other. So, you can turn the settings on, sit back, relax, and let the pool pump do its job. 


  • It is ideal for energy conservation
  • The pool pump does not make any noise
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to control and maintain
  • It is fantastic for large pools


  • The horsepower of this pump is 1.65

5. Pool Pump by Blue Torrent

Finally, we have the Pool Pump by Blue Torrent as the best variable speed pool pump. It is one of the most affordable pool pumps that come with a self-priming function, so you can easily start the pump in no time. The function also ensures that the pool pump does not run dry while working. 

You can also monitor the debris collection and amount because the skimmer basket comes with a transparent lid. So, you can clean the basket whenever it is close to full. From the maintenance to the running, everything about this pool pump is easy and convenient.


  • It is an affordable choice for pool owners
  • It comes in port sizes of 1.5 inches and 2 inches
  • The self-priming function ensures easy working
  • Powerful and sturdy
  • It can handle big swimming pools


  • The pool pump is not ideal for small swimming pools

Buying Guide 

Now that you know the top variable speed pool pump, you can choose the best one depending on many factors. It is crucial to consider the right factors to make an informed decision about your pool pump. Once you do, you will have the best pool pump for your home. 

Here are the top factors you must consider before deciding which pool pump to select:

1. Material

The construction material of the pool pump is one of the most crucial factors to consider. That is because a pool pump runs for eight hours, and you need a material that can withstand the run time. You will notice that most pool pumps will come in a stainless steel build that has built-in fans for cooling. 

Besides that, the housing of the pump must be manufactured from high-quality plastic. Such a build will easily withstand any harsh chemicals that are present in saltwater and chlorine pools. So, be sure to check the materials of the pool pump before you decide to purchase one that suits your pool. 

2. Size Of The Pool

The pool size will make or break the decision of the best variable speed pool pump you select. You must calculate your pool size because you will require this information to buy the right pool pump size. That is because the pump must be large enough for your pool to turn it over at least once or twice a day. 

So, you will need to understand if your pump is powerful enough to turn over your pool size once or twice a day. You can determine this by understanding the gallons of water in your pool. The pump will determine how many gallons it can turnover with efficiency. 

3. Energy Efficiency 

Having a swimming pool in the home is not all fun and games because it also increases your energy bills. That is why it is critical to have the right pool pump that will help you conserve energy and save your bills. Many pool pumps come with energy conservation to help lower your costs. 

The best part about a variable speed pool pump is that you can program it to run at a slower pace when no one is using the pool, and the pool doesn’t require cleaning. Doing this will also save your energy bills in the long run. 

4. Horsepower 

Finally, you must consider the horsepower of the variable speed pool pump. You must check the power demands of the pool and the pump that will fulfill it with ease. A 1 horsepower pump will easily work for a pool with 26,000 gallons. 

Besides that, a 1.5 horsepower pump will work well with 30,000-gallon pools. Finally, the two-horsepower pump will easily work with pools of more than 46,000 gallons. So, you must understand the pool size before choosing a pump with suitable horsepower. 

Final Words 

That was your complete guide to the best variable speed pool pump. All these pool pumps are excellent and will work with multiple pool sizes. You can choose one depending on the factors mentioned above.

Our top choice is the Hayward SP2610X15 because Hayward creates the best pool pumps. It has everything you need to keep your pool clean and fresh in no time. So, if you want the best, look no further than the Hayward SP2610X15. 

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