Top 5 Best Smart Lock For Airbnb In 2022

If you have a property that you do not visit occasionally, you can rent it out through Airbnb. Running this business can help you can gain extra money, but it is also time-consuming. However, with the best smart lock for Airbnb, you can tackle various issues.

A smart lock can help you run a secure Airbnb business by offering guests more flexibility. This tool can help you keep track of your customers and ensure that no one uses your property without consent. Besides that, a smart lock also offers more security as they are difficult to penetrate.

If you’re looking for the best smart lock for Airbnb, your search ends now. This is because we have the perfect suggestions for you. Here is a complete review and buying guide of the best smart lock for Airbnb.

Top 5 Best Smart Lock For Airbnb In 2022




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Top 5 Best Smart Lock For Airbnb In 2021

FE695 By Schlage

  1. 21 codes

  2. Keyless design

  3. Comes with a warranty

Smart Lock By Turbolock

  1. Easy to install

  2. Keypad lock

  3. Backup battery port

Aurmur By Samsung And Yale

  1. Sends out notification alerts

  2. High durability

  3. Various codes

Top 5 Best Smart Lock For Airbnb In 2021

August Third Generation Lock

  1. Auto unlock option

  2. Versatile app

  3. Easy installation

Top 5 Best Smart Lock For Airbnb In 2021

Yale Assure Lever

  1. Compatible with various devices

  2. No deadbolt

  3. Auto-relock

1. Best Smart Lock For Airbnb: FE695 By Schlage – Best Overall

Top 5 Best Smart Lock For Airbnb In 2021

The FE695 by Schlage is the best smart lock for Airbnb due to its versatility. It is one of the modern devices that uses a touchscreen for putting in the code. If your clientele primarily includes young people, then this smart lock will be a great investment.

A key feature of this lock is that it comes with various types of levers and allows you to maintain the aesthetic of your places. Besides that, the accessory comes with two pre-programmed codes. Apart from that, it allows you to assign 19 more codes as well. 

One of the features that we like about this model is that its keypad switches off when not being used. This allows the lock’s battery to last for an extended period. On average, it can run for a few months before the charging finishes. 

This smart lock is also popular because it offers a long-lasting warranty, so you can purchase it with high confidence. Schlage is a reputable brand which is you can rely on their products to provide you with a safe experience.


  • Saves power automatically
  • High number of codes
  • Modern design
  • Comes in various colors


  • Only one option for unlocking

2. Best Smart Lock For Airbnb: August Third Generation Lock – Runner Up

Top 5 Best Smart Lock For Airbnb In 2021

The Third Generation Lock by August is one of the smartest devices you will find on the market. This is because the lock uses your property’s WiFi and only works if it has a good connection. Once you have set up the system, using the lock is easy for everyone.

A key feature of this device is that your guests can lock and unlock the place using an application. Besides that, you are the only one who can share the app with the customers. This ensures that your guests do not provide access to other people.

Additionally, the smart system allows you to keep your property safe at all times. This is because when the guests check out, you can remove them from their access to the app. This ensures that they cannot use your property without permission.

The sharing system also removes the hassle of codes and provides additional security. Apart from that, this smart lock can also be opened automatically when your guest is within reach. This is helpful when the individual’s hands are full.


  • It opens with a key and app
  • Easy installation
  • Automatic system
  • Secure lock


  • Requires WiFi connection
  • Guests must have a smartphone or tablet

3. Best Smart Lock For Airbnb: Yale Assure Lever

Top 5 Best Smart Lock For Airbnb In 2021

Are you looking for a lock that can be used easily by young people and seniors? If so, you should go no further than the Yale Assure Lever. This smart lock has technology that allows your guests to use it through an application. Many young people prefer to have this option because it removes the necessity of putting in codes.

Besides that, a lock that operates with an app also ensures that you don’t have to waste time creating unique codes. However, that does not mean that this lock can only be used by an app. The Yale Assure Lever also has a keypad system for accessing the property.

Another good news is that you can create more than 250 codes for this smart lock. This allows you to offer a high level of security to your guests and minimizes the chance of someone guessing the combination. 

Many seniors prefer a keypad option because it is simpler for them. Besides that, this system also allows you to facilitate guests who don’t own a smartphone. This high level of flexibility is one of the reasons why many people call this lock the best smart lock for Airbnb.


  • Works with Airbnb and HomeAway software
  • Dual unlocking system
  • Up to 250 codes
  • High durability


  • No key
  • Expensive

4. Aurmur By Samsung And Yale

The Aurmur by Samsung and Yale is an excellent smart lock that works with a smartphone. It also utilizes a keypad and code system, which is why you can have a vast clientele. One of the best things about this equipment is that it offers high flexibility and versatility.

This smart lock uses the deadbolt of the actual lock of your property to ensure secure attachment. Besides that, a key feature of this device is that it does not have a maximum code limit. The lock generates a new combination randomly when a guest arrives and messages it to them.

The fantastic thing is that you can sync the lock with your Airbnb calendar so that it knows when a new guest is arriving. By using this information, the lock sends a code to them when they have reached the destination.

Besides that, the Aurmur also comes with a checkout button that you can mount on a wall near the main door. When the guest leaves, they can press this button to checkout automatically.


  • No code limits
  • Compatible with a smartphone
  • Syncs with Airbnb software
  • Automatic checkout


  • Difficult to install
  • Requires monthly subscription

5. Smart Lock By Turbolock

Turbolock is a reputable brand that produces various safety accessories for different properties. Their Smart Lock is one of the best devices for an Airbnb operator. This is because the model uses a keypad system to allow guests to access your property.

The best part about this lock is that it is of high quality and is inexpensive. That is why you don’t have to worry about your budget and savings. The fantastic feature of this lock is that it is not costly and includes all functions of a high-end model.

You can readily install this smart lock on your property within a few minutes. This is because the set utilizes your door’s handle, so you don’t have to worry about attachment. A key feature of this lock is that it locks the door as soon as you close it. So you don’t have to worry about your guests compromising the security of your place.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Locks automatically
  • Keypad design with backlit technology
  • Hassle-free installation


  • Only supports ten codes
  • Requires monthly subscription

Buying Guide

Here are the top things you should consider when buying the best smart lock for Airbnb:

1. System

This is an integral factor to consider when purchasing the best smart lock for Airbnb. The system of your smart lock determines who can use it. For instance, if the set only operates with an app, you can only rent your property to people with a smart device.

Besides that, people who are bad with technology will also face difficulty if your system is too modern. The best smart lock for Airbnb is one that operates with a keypad and app.

2. Number Of Codes

The code limit of a smart lock determines the overall security of your property. It allows you to be careful when renting your place to strangers and ensures that non-paying guests cannot enter your property.

The best smart lock for Airbnb is one that has a high code limit. This ensures that you don’t have to repeat combinations. Additionally, it minimizes the risk of an old guest guessing the code and entering your property without permission.

3. Warranty

Some smart locks on the market can be expensive, which is why you should always check for a warranty. This is because it provides you with safety in cases of damaged products. It also ensures that if the lock fails early, you can get a refund. That is why you should always lean towards a model that comes with a warranty.

Final Words

That was your complete buying guide of the best smart lock for Airbnb. This device can help you secure your property. It also allows you to track guest check-ins and checkouts. Not only that, but a smart lock can help you save a lot of time.

Our top choice is the FE695 by Schlage. This smart lock comes with various benefits and a high code limit. That is why you never have to worry about the security of your property.

All the products on this guide are reliable and compatible with Airbnb. Some of them also work with the HomeAway software. So rest assured your experience will be smooth when choosing a product from this list.

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