Top 5 Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer In 2022

Are you a grill enthusiast or a barbecue fan? If so, then you must know that the temperature of meat matters a lot. This is because it ensures that the food is cooked well and safe to eat.

The best way to check the temperature of the meat is by using a Bluetooth thermometer. Investing in this device will ease your life as it allows you to check the meat remotely. This means you will not have to sit by the grill until the food cooks.

The best Bluetooth meat thermometer can make your camping trips and barbecue parties a breeze. If you’re struggling to decide which device you should get, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a comprehensive guide to the best Bluetooth meat thermometer in 2021.

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer In 2021




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Top 5 Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer In 2021 Meater Plus
  1. Long-range device

  2. Various connectivity options

  3. Dishwasher safe

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer In 2021

ThermoPro TP20

  1. Dual probe monitors

  2. Back-lit technology

  3. Preset temperature settings

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer In 2021

Soraken Digital Thermometer

  1. Different cooking levels

  2. Four colorful probes

  3. Magnet on the back

NutriChef Smart Thermometer

  1. Battery-powered

  2. Large display

  3. Notification alert technology

Inkbird Wireless Thermometer

  1. Magnetic design

  2. It comes with a charging cable

  3. Graph function

1. Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer: Meater Plus – Best Overall

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer In 2021

The Meater Plus is the best Bluetooth meat thermometer on the market. A vital feature of this device is that it does not have cable with probes. That is why you can place meat in different positions on the grill. 

All you have to do is pair this best Bluetooth meat thermometer with your phone or tablet and enjoy a high range. The device can measure the temperature while being 165 feet away. Some consumers report that connectivity is good even with a wall barrier.

What’s so great about Meater Plus is that it comes with two sensor monitors that measure internal and external temperatures. The best thing about them is that they have a wide display. Thus, you don’t have to strain your eyes to read the values.

Besides that, the application for this device includes a cooking system that will help you all the way. The advanced algorithm technology also makes this tool the best Bluetooth meat thermometer. This is because the device can give a time estimate of when your food will be ready.


  • Completely wireless
  • Bluetooth connectivity is high
  • Compatible with four probes as well
  • App includes advanced features


  • The ambient temperature sensor could be better

2. Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer: ThermoPro TP20 – Runner Up

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer In 2021

ThermoPro is a reliable brand that produces high-quality meat thermometers. With them, you will have a choice of various models, probes, and much more. Their TP20 is one of the best Bluetooth meat thermometers on the market. 

The key feature of this device is that it comes with two probes and has a range of 300 feet. This means that you don’t have to hover near the cooking grill. Instead, you can wander off and check the cooking progress from a good distance.

What’s so great about TP20 is that you don’t have to download an app on your phone. This is because the tool comes with a wireless remote and a base unit with a wide display. These additional devices are integrated with back-lit technology to allow you to observe the temperature in low light.

This device is the runner-up of our best Bluetooth meat thermometer buying guide. What we like so much about this product is that it comes with labeled probe ports. So you will never get confused about which one is for chicken and which one for steak. 


  • Dual probes
  • High accuracy
  • Different programming settings
  • Impressive range


  • No control lock
  • The alarm sound is low

3. Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer: Soraken Digital Thermometer

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer In 2021

Are you looking for the best Bluetooth meat thermometer for smoking? If so, look no further than the Soraken Digital Thermometer. This device is unlike other similar products on the market. It has a minimalistic and modern design with a sensitive transmitter module.

One of the things we like so much about this product is that it comes with color-coded probes. So you will never get confused again when measuring steak and chicken temperatures. The wide LCD also offers high visibility for tracking the progress.

The Bluetooth technology of this device allows you to connect it to your phone. Thus, you can take measurements in real-time while being away from the grill. Additionally, the application of Soraken comes with various bonus features.

On the app, you can check out different grilling and smoking programs. With this thermometer, you can become an excellent cook in no time. Besides that, the model can withstand high heat due to its superb durability.


  • Various grilling options
  • App configuration is easy
  • Comes with a clip for checking air temperature
  • Allows you to observe four things at once


  • Connectivity range is average
  • Lesser-known brand

4. Inkbird Wireless Thermometer

The Inkbird Wireless Thermometer is an excellent Bluetooth meat thermometer. It has a simple design but streamlined features, which makes grilling a breeze. With this device, you can cook any type of meat safely and with ease.

While the probes of this thermometer have wires, they are still easy to place into the meat due to high-quality clips. Another great news is that you can get the device with either two or four probes. Of course, the former option is priced lower to allow you to shop within your budget.

By downloading the app, you can pair the Inkbird Thermometer to an Android or IOS phone. The device is also compatible with working on tablets, so you don’t have to worry about getting new technology. 

The connectivity range of 150 feet allows you to relax on your chair instead of hovering over the grill. Besides that, to make things convenient, you can convert the screen orientation as per your preference. Additionally, you can attach the device to magnetic surfaces due to the magnet on the back.


  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Magnetic design
  • Sixty hours of uninterrupted runtime after charging
  • It comes with a one-year warranty


  • Alert sound is too loud
  • The maximum temperature range is low

5. NutriChef Smart Thermometer

The final product on our best Bluetooth meat thermometer buying guide is NutriChef Smart Thermometer. It should be your top choice if you have a low budget. This is because the device is priced reasonably and offers the best value for money.

A vital feature of this innovative device is that it comes with long probe wires. Thus, you can measure the temperature from a safe distance and avoid exposure to high heat. Besides that, the thermometer has varying indoor and outdoor ranges to offer more flexibility.

What we like so much about this tool is that it alerts you when the food is fully ready. This is, of course, if you are within the connectivity range. Moreover, the volume of the alarm sound is neither too high nor too low. So you don’t have to worry about people being disturbed because of you.


  • Various preset settings for different types of meat
  • Sturdy built
  • Wide display
  • Instant reading


  • Range requires improvement
  • The accuracy of probes decreases with time

Buying Guide

Here are the top factors that you should consider when buying the best Bluetooth meat thermometer:

1. Temperature Range

This is one of the critical factors that must be top-notch when choosing the best Bluetooth meat thermometer. The temperature range determines the accuracy of the device. It is also essential if you grill using different cooking methods.

A key thing to note is that your probe temperature range should be high. Besides that, it should be able to withstand high heat. This is because the cooking surface will always be hotter than the meat. 

2. Wire Length

Many Bluetooth meat thermometers have probes with wires. You will only find a few models on the market that are completely wireless. When purchasing the best Bluetooth meat thermometer, you should check the wire length of the probes.

It is essential that your wire length is long so that you can use measure the temperature at a safe distance. Otherwise, you will have to stand close to the grill, and this can lead to high heat exposure.

3. Water Resistance

You may believe that all wireless thermometers come with water-resistant probes, but that is not true. Every model does not have features that enable water resistance. That is why you should always check the product description carefully.

If the device is not water-resistant, then you should avoid grilling outdoors if there is a chance of raining. Additionally, you will not be able to wash your probes.

Final Words

That was your complete buying guide to the best Bluetooth meat thermometer. All these products are within a reasonable range and have advanced features. That is why measuring meat temperature will be a breeze for you.

Our top choice is the Meater Plus because it is a versatile thermometer. The best thing we love about this device is that it is entirely wireless. Besides that, it has a fantastic temperature range that allows high accuracy.

No matter which product you buy from this list, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. This is because all of them have been tried and tested.

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