Top 10 Best Commercial Weed Eaters in 2022

Every homeowner dreams of a lawn that is free of annoying stubborn weeds. It is crucial to have a high-caliber string trimmer to achieve the perfect well-groomed yard. This article can be your treasure map to find the best commercial weed eater according to your preference. We compiled 10 high-rated trimmers in this list to assist you in figuring out your ideal choice. 

Top 10 Best Commercial Weed Eaters in 2022




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Top 10 Best Commercial Weed Eaters in 2021

Husqvarna 128LD 17″

17-inch cutting path 

Compelling engine

Detachable shaft

Top 10 Best Commercial Weed Eaters in 2021



Modifiable speed setting

12-inch cutting swath 

Top 10 Best Commercial Weed Eaters in 2021

WORX WG191Golf Balls

Long-lasting battery 

Power indicator

Adjustable speed controls

Top 10 Best Commercial Weed Eaters in 2021

Husqvarna 115iL

Battery voltage of 36.5V

14-inch cutting swath

Noise friendly

Top 10 Best Commercial Weed Eaters in 2021

WORX WG163.9

Convertible to an edger 


Easy maneuverability

Top 10 Best Commercial Weed Eaters in 2021

Toro 51480

5AMP motor

Dual-line cutting head

Adjustable handle

Greenworks 40V 12-Inch Cordless

40V battery 

Adjustable cutting swath 

Battery life indicator

PAXCESS Cordless

8200 RPM 

Low charging time 

10-inch cutting path


Adjustable shaft

4AMP motor 

Auto-feed dual-line

Greenworks 13-Inch


14-inch cut path 

6.5 AMP motor

1. Best Commercial Weed Eaters: Husqvarna 128LD 17″ – Best overall 

Top 10 Best Commercial Weed Eaters in 2021

This string trimmer may be what you want if you prefer gas trimmers. The 17-inch cutting swath powered by a 28cc engine can eat up any unnecessary weed in your lawn.  It takes the title of being the best commercial weed eater.


  • It has three different attachments: edger, pole saw, and cultivator.
  • It features the Tap ‘N Go line, a semi-automatic feed line.
  • You can start this trimmer in one go which makes gardening more efficient.


  • It may be cumbersome and uncomfortable for some commercial Trimmers as it is 11 pounds.

2. Best Commercial Weed Eaters: BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 20V – Runner-up

Top 10 Best Commercial Weed Eaters in 2021

This string trimmer by Black+Decker is amazing for your lawn. This cordless weed eater gives you the liberty to choose the speed. It will assist you in shaping your yard to look more well-groomed.


  • The cutting swath of this weed eater can give you a clean and precise shape.
  • It gives you the freedom to convert the trimmer into an edger
  • The battery power of this trimmer is excellent.


  • The battery charging is quite time-consuming.

3. Best Commercial Weed Eaters: WORX WG191 – Best cordless trimmer

Top 10 Best Commercial Weed Eaters in 2021

Here’s another all-rounder trimmer by WORX. If you prefer a cordless weed eater, this should be your first choice. The adjustable speed controls can boost the battery run time.


  • The pivoting head helps to trim from numerous angles.
  • The command feeds feature increases efficiency because you can avoid bumping.
  • The 0.080-inch professional-grade trimmer can surprise you with its durability.


  • The pricing of this trimmer is extravagant.

4. Best Commercial Weed Eaters: Husqvarna 115iL

Top 10 Best Commercial Weed Eaters in 2021

If you are worried about annoying your neighbors while maintaining your lawn, Husqvarna 115iL should be your top choice. This string trimmer falls in one of the best commercial weed eaters because of its eco mode.


  • The adjustable handle and telescopic shaft help you to store this trimmer easily.
  • There is no smoke exhaustion or high noise levels.
  • Features energy-saving mode.


  • Some users complain about the bump string being an ordeal to remove.

5. Best Commercial Weed Eaters: WORX WG163.9 20V – Best 2 in 1

Top 10 Best Commercial Weed Eaters in 2021

This string trimmer can be one of the best commercial weed eaters because of its commendable features. The WORX 20V allows you to switch between a trimmer and an edger.


  • The spacer guard allows you to trim your lawn without ruining the decorative gardening plants.
  • It can easily reach the darkest corners of your yard.
  • Looks very sumptuous and modernized.


  • The spool size may not be sufficient for a large lawn.

6. Best Commercial Weed Eaters: Toro 51480

Top 10 Best Commercial Weed Eaters in 2021

If you are into old-school corded string trimmers, then Toro51480 might be your top choice. The powerful 5 AMP motor can cut through the thick wilderness in your lawn.


  • The auto-feed trim line can adjust itself by pressing only one button.
  • The adjustable shaft is durable.
  • It is ergonomic


  • 6.3 pounds can be heavy for some homeowners.

7. Greenworks 40V Cordless

Another string trimmer from Greenworks steals the spotlight with its 40V lithium-ion battery. It provides 45 minutes of impressive service.


  • The exceptionally long-lasting battery life increases productivity.
  • The auto-feed head makes the trimming job less time-consuming.
  • It is comfortable to use.


  • you may have to buy batteries separately.

8. PAXCESS Cordless – Best for efficiency

This Paxcess trimmer is one of the best commercial weed eaters because of its impressive efficiency. The battery only takes about 1 hour to fully charge, which can be immensely productive.


  • The detachable shaft makes it easier to store.
  • The maneuverability of this trimmer is immensely unchallenging.
  • The protection ring helps you trim your lawn without ruining your flowering plant.


  • The running time is not adequate for large lawns.


This string trimmer has a 6.5AMP motor and RPM of 8000. The features of this weed eater are impressive for its price. If you want to shape the borders of your lawn flawlessly, this is the best option.


  • This trimmer can cut through stubborn weeds without hesitation.
  • Convertible a wheeled edger.
  • The cord retention system is very effective.


  • Some users complained about being uncomfortable to use.

10. Greenworks 13-Inch

Here’s a string trimmer from Greenworks with a flexible telescoping shaft that allows you to choose the height. It is an absolute favorite because of its automatic feeding line and affordability.


  • The cord lock helps you avoid situations where the cord is accidentally unplugged.
  • Apart from trimming, you can flawlessly edge your yard with the rotating trimmer.
  • The maneuverability of this string trimmer is effortless.


  • The Greenworks string trimmer can be clamorous.

Buying Guide for Weeds Eaters

If any of these best commercial weed eaters caught your attention, you need to review a few factors before purchasing. For string trimmers, it is essential to look into the power source, weight, and versatility.

  • Power Source 

We have the traditional gas-powered string trimmers, the corded electric trimmers, and the battery-powered ones when it comes to weed eaters. If you prefer trimmers that will get the job done quickly, then gas-powered trimmers are the best option. However, gas power trimmers are pretty expensive, heavy, and noisy. If you prefer something eco-friendly, then corded electric trimmers and battery power trimmers should be your power source choice.

  • Weight 

The gas-powered string trimmers are usually quite heavy; they can be around 11-13 pounds. You may face soreness after pulling a beast machine for prolonged hours. To avoid inefficiency and get your job done faster, always go for trimmers that feel airy when operated.

  • String line diameter 

It is crucial to look into the string line diameters. If your yard requires regular trimming, then it is better to choose something between 0.065 inches to 0.080 inches. For heavy-duty jobs like clearing thick weeds, the recommended string line diameter is above 0.080.

  • Additional tools 

If you are looking for added tools, it is suitable to get combo string trimmers. These weed eaters can switch between trimmers and edgers. Husqvarna 128LD 17″ string trimmer is exemplary if you want extra tools such as pole saws, cultivators, and edgers.

  • Feeder system 

The options for feed systems in string trimmers are automatic feed systems, bump feed systems, and command feed systems. 

  • The automatic feed system has sensors that automatically detect when the trimming strings are running out and produce new trimming lines. However, sometimes, this may become a problem if the machine produces additional strings. 

  • The bump feed system gives you more control over the trimmer strings. However, you need to pause your trimming to bump the trimmer’s head. 

  • The command feed system is designed in a way where you can control the trimmer strings with a button. 

Final Thoughts

Trimming your yard can be challenging if you don’t have the proper trimmers; therefore, it is necessary to purchase the most efficient string trimmers. All the weed eaters featured in this article will ensure you high caliber trimming service. Our personal favorite is the Husqvarna 128LD 17″ gas-powered weed eater. It is the best commercial weed eater because of its powerful engine, 17-inch cutting path, and versatility. This string trimmer is essential for grooming your lawn.You can also read: Indoor Electric Heaters for Large Rooms

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