Ideas For Replacing Fluorescent Lighting Boxes

If you are currently living in a house that was constructed back in the 90s or even the 80s, then you’ll be incredibly familiar with the off-putting and outdated fluorescent lighting boxes. Of course, these fluorescent lighting boxes were quite efficient back in the day, but in the contemporary world, these lighting fixtures are considered a bit too harsh in terms of both lighting and design features. So, it comes as no surprise that you’d want to replace the fluorescent lighting boxes fixed in your home. 


First things first, you’ll have to remove the fluorescent lighting box to replace it, the process of which varies according to the type of lighting box you have. For smaller recessed fixtures, you can simply tear them out. Of course, remember to turn the electricity off from the main source, that is, the breaker box, before you start. You should also do a voltage test to ensure that no electricity is running in the wiring. Here is a list of tools that you will need to replace the fluorescent lighting boxes. 

  • Electrical tape
  • Cordless drill
  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Screwdrivers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Step ladder
  • Measuring tape
  • Wood or putty filler
  • Paint
  • Utility knife
  • Voltage tester

The removal process is pretty simple for most lighting boxes, where you’ll simply need to unscrew each of the bars from one another. Then, move on to unscrewing them from their fixtures in the ceiling. You can then move on to removing the lights. You’ll probably have to pry them off or unscrew them. At this point, you’ll have successfully removed the fluorescent lighting boxes and can install the new ones depending on your personal taste. 

Lighting Style Ideas 

Since the first thing you’ll need to figure out is what typing of lighting style you want, here are some ideas.

Accent Lights

Ideas For Replacing Fluorescent Lighting Boxes

Accent lights are a great way to add a natural touch to your space. You can choose anything from under-toe kick lights to cabinet lights. 

Ambient Lighting

Ideas For Replacing Fluorescent Lighting Boxes

If your focus on lighting is something that will end up being the primary light source for your space, then ambient lighting is a great idea. A great choice for ambient lighting is a recessed pendant, or if you want a lavish look, then perhaps a chandelier would be a great idea. 

Task Lighting

Ideas For Replacing Fluorescent Lighting Boxes

If you’re hoping to replace the fluorescent lighting boxes in areas such as your kitchen or your study, then task lighting is a great idea. This is because of the fact that task lights help you see the space around you much more clearly. So, you can spruce up your space while maintaining or even enhancing the power of your lighting. 

Lighting Fixture Ideas 

Now that you have a better sense of what type of lighting style you want to choose for your space, here are a variety of ideas that you can use as a way to replace fluorescent lighting fixtures.

Sculptural Sconces

Ideas For Replacing Fluorescent Lighting Boxes

Sculptural sconces or even wall lights are a great replacement for fluorescent lighting boxes. They are a great way to make your space look much more interesting and can even be used to frame a work of art or highlight a sofa placed on that wall. A great way to add a pop of color to your room is to try out a pair of colorful sconces. They will surely catch the eye of whoever walks in and create a whimsical medium that also helps in illuminating your space. For a much more minimalistic look, you can choose solo lights.

Low-Hanging Lights 

Ideas For Replacing Fluorescent Lighting Boxes

If your space has high ceilings and you want to give your space a unique and fun look, then a great idea would be to choose low-hanging lights. Low-hanging pendant lights look great if you place your kitchen or dining table right underneath. This helps in adding natural depth and layers to your interior space.

Spherical Lights 

A great way to add a touch of elegance to an interior space that features a light color palette, then might we suggest some spherical lights with a finish of soft gold. The best part is that this tone goes with a variety of different furnishings as look as the overall appearance makes the use of mainly soft or light colors.

Industrial Style Lighting Fixtures

Nowadays, industrial-style lighting fixtures are all the rage, and for a good reason. Industrial-style lighting gives your space a much more rustic touch with the use of metals used in an aesthetically pleasing manner. You could even call this style of lighting ‘modern retro.’ However, instead of opting for industrial-style lighting that goes along the line lines of something you would see within a warehouse, it would be a much better idea to opt for sleeker-looking designs. Keep an eye out for alternative designs that will help give your space a much more futuristic and contemporary look.

Eco Mix Lighting

People are becoming more aware of how the products they purchase affect the environment, and so, products, such as eco mix lights, have been introduced. The great thing is that these lighting fixtures aren’t just eco-friendly but also quite appealing to look at. A great variant of eco mix lighting is lighting fixtures that come wrapped in wood fibers. This type of lighting looks stunning in a room with lots of natural light and wooden furnishings. They’ll also help bring an element of nature into your interior space and tie the whole room together. Another great type of eco mix lighting is one that combines twines, ropes, wood beads, or even burlap. Eco mix lighting will without a doubt make your space feel much cozier and comforting. 

When looking for lighting fixture ideas that you can use to replace your fluorescent lighting boxes, it is of the utmost importance that you take your room’s furnishings and overall color palette into account. Remember, lighting fixtures might not be the focal point of your room; however, you tie your entire room together with the right lighting fixture.

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