How to Thaw Steaks Quickly

Guests are arriving on short notice, or you’ve had a tough day at work and are craving steak; whatever the case may be, the issue is that your beautiful cut of steak is as firm as a rock. Luckily, if you employ this never-disappointing steak-thawing process, you can get the steak to thaw and cook just in time with plenty to spare. Read to know how to thaw steaks quickly.

How to Thaw Steaks Quickly

To thaw effectively, all meats require comparable thawing processes. It’s also vital to maintain a healthy temperature of your steak as it defrosts to avoid fast-growing germs from seizing over your heart and making you sick. Here are five of the most effective ways to defrost your steak:

Slowly and Steadily

The quickest, safest, and most straightforward way to thaw steak is to leave it overnight into the fridge gently. Sadly, this is the longest technique. It’ll also keep the steak to the degree of preventing hazardous bacteria from establishing a grip that will not affect your steak’s texture or taste.

So let the steak thaw inside the fridge, according to the size of the cut. Most cuts of beef will take eighteen to twenty-four hours to thaw thoroughly. A very thick cut might take up to thirty hours.

Don’t Have So Much Time?

Try putting the steak in a zippered and leak-proof bag. Submerge this in a big pot of water. It’s fine to keep the steak inside the bag once you soak it because it was frozen separately inside a vacuum-sealed package. Change the water every thirty minutes.

Are You in a Hurry?

There’s a good chance your microwaves have a defrost option. This option is useful when you’re in a hurry; sadly, it’s not encouraged. When you thaw frozen meat in the oven, it loses its fluids and becomes more complicated than you’d like.

Speed Up the Process

Flip one of the metal pots upside down and set your steak firmly on it. Cover another pot halfway with water. Place it on the top of your steak. Thawing will be accelerated by the volume of the fluid and its temperature, which the metals will carry. And it should be ready in five minutes to cook.

Throw on the Pan

Grill it straight from the freezer when you don’t even have enough time to defrost the steak. To finish the cooking of your steak like other steaks, you’ll need to add roughly half the time more by grilling the meat first. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Thawing Steaks

Things to Keep in Mind While Thawing Steaks

  • Never let the steak thaw at room temperature. It’s an excellent opportunity for pathogenic bacteria to settle in here on your steak.
  • Steak does not adapt well to thermal stress, and thawing it in the oven will probably dehydrate it.
  • If you need to defrost meat quickly and use the microwave, check on the heart periodically.
  • It will take some forethought, but it will be well worth it once you settle down to enjoy the excellent steak, including its original texture and taste. So, put the steak in the fridge to thaw.


Who doesn’t enjoy a juicy, succulent steak that has been grilled to perfection? However, thawing frozen steak in the refrigerator is not always possible. The additional thawing techniques may tense up the cut of steak, but given the time limitation, they’re worth it.

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