How to Quickly Thaw a Standing Rib Roast

Even though you probably know how to defrost your standing rib, keep in mind that not all thawing methods are made equal. To get the vertical rib from ice to warm and moist, you’ll need to perform some preliminary work to ensure that it’s not just thawing it rapidly but also safely. Read this article to know how to quickly thaw a standing rib roast

Do you want to know how to thaw refrigerated standing ribs properly? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. We’re going to go through four easy ways to defrost your standing rib.

Four Simple Ways to Thaw Your Standing Rib

What’s the best way to defrost a standing rib roast? You can defrost your rib roast in a variety of ways. You can cook it in the microwave, soak it in water, defrost it in the refrigerator, or even cook it frozen, but this should take longer.

Microwave your standing rib roast:

Modern microwaves include improved options such as defrost timers and alerts that notify you that now is the time to turn your meat when it’s thawing. Because microwaves vary, you may have to double-check timing and turn after five to seven minutes if yours doesn’t have an alarm. This rapid strategy can assist you in cooking as soon as you arrive home hungry.

Thaw in cold water:

This one is popular, and you’ve undoubtedly tried it before, but it takes more effort. Fill a plastic bag with water, and drown it in a fridge or sink. Make sure the bag isn’t leaking, and drain out all the liquid after thirty minutes. Make sure the standing rib is entirely unfrozen.

You can even defrost it in the refrigerator:

Take out your prime standing rib roast, arrange it on a plate, store it on the refrigerator’s bottom shelves. This will keep the liquid from spilling onto other foods in the fridge, leading to contamination. The thickness will determine the thawing time up to three days. It’s also the safest way to thaw your prime rib since bacteria can’t develop in freezing temperatures.

Throw your rib straight on the pan:

This method bypasses the defrosting phase and directs your frozen standing rib straight to your frying pan. Cooking time is increased by double, which may not be ideal when you’re in a rush. It could also put your rib roast in jeopardy, putting you at the risk of contracting foodborne diseases.

Simple Ways to Thaw Your Standing Rib
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Things to keep in mind while thawing a standing rib:

  • It’s important not to keep your standing rib in the fridge for too long since it can get dried out or develop freezing burns.
  • You must make sure that the rib roast is correctly wrapped also that the frozen bags are not separating.
  • After your rib has defrosted, make sure to cook it right away.
  • Avoid defrosting your rib roast in hot water to avoid inviting food poisoning.


The standing rib roast is a succulent, soft cut of meat. It’s pricey, but it’s regarded as the best slice. Once cooked, frozen standing rib roast is perfectly edible. Also, it needs less time to cook after it has been defrosted. To avoid foodborne contamination, make sure to lock your preservation bags when storing your rib roast carefully.

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