How To Get To San Juan Island

Are you planning an island getaway with your loved ones? Then, check out the San Juan islands before deciding on your trip. It will surely amaze you with its landscape. Find out more on how to get to San Juan Island by reading the following article.

Known for its rural Pacific Northwest landscapes, the San Juan Islands are an archipelago located between Washington and British Columbia. 

The islands were chartered in 1971 by a Spanish explorer. After that, in 1841, the United States Exploring Expedition further explored the island. 

Today, the San Juan Islands are an important tourist destination, hosting visitors from all over the world. As a result, there are countless activities to do in the archipelago. However, before talking about them, you should know how to get to the San Juan Islands, as it will help your plan out your trip accordingly.

Ways To Get To San Juan Islands

Looking for an affordable ride to the archipelago? Washington State Ferry is the answer for it. There are many other ways to get to the islands, but a ferry is the easiest and comfortable way.

Many people who are traveling in groups charter seaplanes to get to the islands. Tourists arrive at the islands through private boats as well. It all depends on how you want to start your trip to the site.

However, each option to get to the San Juan Islands is a unique and beautiful journey. No matter how you are traveling, Friday Harbor will be your first stop at the archipelago. 

Different Islands In The Archipelago

The archipelago comprises around 400 islands during mean high tide. However, there are only 172 named islands and reefs in the county. About 20 islands are inhabited. 

Lopez Island, Shaw Island, and Orcas Island are the most popular and host most visitors throughout the year. All three islands contain most of the land area and nearly all the population. As a result, these islands offer the majority of options for dining and lodging activities. 

Activities to do in San Juan Island

Knowing the potential activities will help you plan your trip smoothly and estimate the days it will take to carry them out.

Whale Watching

How To Get To San Juan Island

Being near the Salish Sea on a summer day is an unforgettable memory. Wildlife watching in the islands is a popular activity. Everybody craves a glimpse of the wildlife that lies beneath the calm ocean.

Lime Kiln State Park or known as the whale watch park, is a spot you must visit. The state park is known for its view of the ocean. Many visitors often reside there to get a glimpse of the whales wandering around.


How To Get To San Juan Island

For people who love to boat and kayak, the archipelago waters are the best spot for it. The calm and clear water is a treat for anyone who knows who refreshing kayaking is—exploring the beautiful shorelines of the San Juan channel from a unique perspective. 


Rental cycles are available throughout the year. So you can grab one and go for island exploration. The hilly and rural landscape of the islands is a beautiful scenario. 

Scuba Diving 

A dive into the deep, blue waters of the islands will take you to a different world. The islands are home to the best underwater scenery in the northwest. Divers come from all over the world to add the waters of the Salish Sea to their list. 

An array of sea life such as Octopus, rockfish, eels can be seen underwater. 

Education Center

Seeing the whales should be not enough but learning about their history here is plays an important role. That’s why the Whale Museum places a particular emphasis on educating the visitors about it. 

Do visit the museum, and you will find some unique and historic resources. In addition, learning about the behavioral patterns of the whale is vital before taking a dip in the waters and will help you if you get face to face with one. 

San Juan Vineyards

How To Get To San Juan Island

A visit to this 6.5 acres estate is a memorable trip for its picturesque setting. However, a sip of their wine in this peaceful ambiance is what many visitors are fond. Multiple visits from visitors show much they love their drinks.

Oyster Farms

Growing and harvesting sustainable oysters is mainly practiced in the cold waters of Westcott Bay. The oysters in the farms are brought fresh from the sea. 

Accommodations In The Islands 

San Juan, Lopez, and the Orcas island are where visitors primarily reside and have options available for lodging. San Juan has considerably more hotels and inns than the other two islands. Lopez Island has the fewest options for accommodations. 

Nearly half of the lodges and inns have a kitchen unit that helps visitors cook their meal of the day and get going. So if you are missing the taste of your hands, you can get a dish ready.

Best Time To Visit

Summer is the peak time for the San Juan Islands. The mild, warm temperature attracts visitors, and many people come here to escape their hectic city work life. 

The water remains calm throughout the year and is the go-to place for an adventure lover. Many people are now aware of getting to the San Juan Islands, and the options are readily available. 

Final Words

If you are looking for a tropical vacation spot in the U.S., you can’t miss San Juan Island. Your trip will a memorable and adventure-packed. Make sure that bring a group of a company to help you enjoy a time of your life.

From the options available on getting to the San Juan Islands, make sure you check all them out and make reservations accordingly. Planning out your trip will help you carry it out smoothly, and you can improvise it anytime once you get here. 

So do check the scenic view of the islands and hope you have a good if visit. Don’t forget to capture the memories you are going to create.

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