How To Fix Sagging Headliner

How To Fix Sagging Headliner? Everything looks clean in your car, and just the headliner has become saggy. Well, that’s a problem many people face with their vehicles. It could be due to weather conditions affecting your car roof or holes due to rust and sun exposure.

The headliner is one of the overlooked parts of any car. Lack of cleaning may result in the sagging of the headliner. 

Many people aren’t aware of the importance of the headliner. For them, it is just the cabin roof. But it serves a lot more purposes than you think.

Purpose of A Headliner

Headliner is more than a piece of fabric. Many people think it just adds a degree of style to your car. However, that’s not the case. Headliner serves a larger and more practical purpose. 

One of the primary purposes for any headliner is to help in noise cancellation and to buffer. It also helps in reducing the vibration and noise in the interior of your car while you drive. 

The other essential purpose that any headliner serves is insulation. It helps insulate your vehicle in any weather so that your A/C or heater can work at maximum effectiveness. 

Materials Used In Headliners

Knowing about the materials used to manufacture headliners will help you understand why they sag over time. It would also help you learn how to fix a sagging headliner. 

Headliners comprise three main materials. It isn’t just a piece of fabric covering the roof of your car. 

The first layer of the headliner starts with a piece of foam with material like cardboard on top. Then comes a layer of fiberglass on top. Finally, in the end, leather, vinyl, or cloth is added.

Now that you know what the headliner is made up of. It would be easy for you to fix a sagging headliner. 

Ways To Fix A Sagging Headliner.

There are many techniques about how to fix a sagging headliner. However, the method you need to follow would depend on how bad the condition of the headliner is. 

You could replace the whole headliner with a new one, but that is not cost-effective. Also, just due to a few tears and patches, it would be unreasonable to replace the entire unit. 

However, here are some ways that would help you fix the sagging headliner.

  1. Using Pins

Using sequin pins is one of the effective methods to fix a headliner. If it is coming off, using pins would help push it back to its original place. However, it would be best to be very careful while pushing the pins through the fabric to the foam.

It would be visually pleasing to arrange the pins in a pattern and give your work a nice, clean finish. 

  1. Using Adhesive Glue

Glue is one the easiest method to place the headliner back. However, it would work best if the fabric is sagged partially or around the edges. 

However, regular everyday use glue will not be of service due to the strong fabric material in the headliner. To fix the headliner, you need to use special headlining adhesive glue. This adhesive is best in a spray can.

 The spray can help you distribute the glue equally and not create unequal adhesive patches all over the headliner. However, removing the headliner will be a good option if you want to give your headline a clean look.

You can remove the old and dry glue that makes the fabric hard by taking the headliner out. However, the application of the adhesive glue would be more accessible if the whole headliner unit was opened in front of you.

  1. Using Staples And Hair Spray

You might not have heard about this method, but it does work. If you want a cheap, semi-permanent fix, this method will come to your help. You should also consider this method if your car is old and not worth putting in much effort. 

How to use this method? Well, first, you need a staple gun. Use the gun to staple the headlining to its backing board. Make sure you staple it in the right place to get a firm hold of the headliner.  

After the use of staple, apply hair spray on the point of the staple. Use hair spray equally and let it dry. Once dry, remove the staples.

  1. Steam Cleaner

Using a steam cleaner will moisturize and melt the old glue particles. It would also help remove wrinkles and clean the headliner. Using a paint roller with the steam would give a fresh look.

However, do not use the steam cleaner excessively. That might shrink or burn the fabric of the headliner. Also, if the glue in the headliner has dried too much, this method won’t be of much use.  

  1. Double-Sided Tape

Using double-sided tape would be favorable in only some of the conditions of your saggy headliner. This would only work if you have a tear around the edges and can get behind the final layer of the headlining.

On the other hand, if your headliner is sagging from the middle and you have no way of getting behind it, the tape would be a useless option. An edge or a tear is required to use double-sided tape to fix the sagging headliner. 

Guidelines To Follow Before Using Any Methods From Above

  • Make sure nicely clean the surface of the backboard before applying any adhesive or tape.
  • For tape, put the pressure on the tape after applying it to achieve a stronghold between the layers of the headliner. 
  • Arranging a pattern of the pins will help you use fewer pins, leaving fewer holes if you remove them.
  • If you are using glue, make sure you distribute it equally to achieve a nice clean look. Uneven use of the adhesive will leave a distorted image over your head.

Final Words

Do keep in mind that the above methods are a quick way to fix the sagging headliner. In addition, these methods will help you resolve minor proportion damages in your headliner. 

Make sure you use high-quality resources to achieve the best results. Then, depending on the extent of the sag, you can choose the best method from the list above.  

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