How To Change the Oil in a Lawn Mower

In order to get the best performance out of your lawnmower, we all know and understand that it is important to always be on top of its oil game. SO, what does that mean? To make sure that we always change the oil in the lawnmower when it is needed. This not only helps in enhancing the performance of the lawnmower but also helps in conserving and maintaining the lifespan of the lawnmower’s engine. To help you reap both of these benefits, here is a detailed guide on how to change the oil in a lawnmower. However, first, it is vital to know when you need to change the oil in a lawn mower. So, let’s get started, shall we?

When Should You Change the Oil in a Lawn Mower?

How To Change the Oil in a Lawn Mower

Of course, the incredibly specific timeline of an oil change within your lawnmower all depends on the type of lawnmower that you own. However, here are recommendations that will help you gain a better understanding of when your lawnmower would need an oil change.

New Lawnmower Engine

When it comes to new lawnmower engines, you would be required to change the oil in the lawnmower after you use it for the first time. However, you should allow the new lawnmower engine to run for around five hours before you change the oil. 

Push Lawnmowers

For a lawnmower that you stand behind and push during usage, it is recommended that you change its oil a minimum of one time per season. Or you can also change the oil after the lawnmower has a cumulative total run time of 50 hours. 

Riding Lawnmowers

For lawnmowers that you sit on and drive around, it is recommended that you change its oil at least once every single season. However, if you change the oil according to the cumulative total run time of your lawnmower, then it is recommended that you change after it has had a total run time of 100 hours. 


It is best to check whether your lawnmower needs an oil change before each time you use it. This is because of the fact that strenuous weather conditions, such as extreme cold or hot weather, excessive dust, or humidity in the air, could lead to an increase in the need for an oil change.

Step 1 

Start off by gathering all of the necessary tools and supplies that you will need. Here is a list of everything that you will need to get the job done. 

  • Engine oil
  • Oil filter
  • Funnel
  • Oil drain pan or any container that is oil-safe
  • Rags or towels
  • Socket wrench

Step 2

After you have gathered everything that you will need in one place, you will then need to prepare your lawnmower for an oil change. First, start your lawnmower and let the engine warm-up for a minute. Then, turn the engine off. To ensure that your lawnmower does not turn on by accident, it is vital that you disconnect the spark plug of the lawnmower. After doing so, grab your rag or towel, and use it to wipe and clean any dirt, debris, or oil that might be attached to the drain plug or on the shaft of the dipstick. Then, simply remove the dipstick.

Step 3 

You will now move on to draining the oil that is currently within the lawnmower. If you own a push lawnmower, start this step by propping up the mower deck, thus allowing the spark plug of the lawnmower to face upwards. Then, grab a container that is oil safe and place it underneath the lawnmower. Next, using a socket wrench, unscrew the plug by rotating it anti-clockwise and empty the oil into the oil drain pan.

Step 4

In this step, you will be replacing the oil filter of the lawnmower. This is part of the process due to the fact that oil filters exist for the purpose of clearing the oil of any large impurities. However, you do not need to follow this step every time you change the oil of your lawnmower, as the oil filter only needs to be changed a minimum of once every year. First, locate the oil filter on your lawnmower, then twist it anti-clockwise, and remove it. If it is loose, you can use your hands. If not, you can make use of a filter wrench or a pipe wrench. Next, clean off any dirt or debris that might be residing on the oil filter’s seal. You can clean and lubricate the sealing gasket of the oil filter using the new engine oil. Then, fix your new oil filter within the adapter and screw it in place. Now, simply tighten the oil filter in its place using a wrench.

Step 5

This is the final step, where you will be refilling the engine oil in the lawnmower. First, locate the oil fill plug on your lawnmower. Then, using a funnel, pour the engine oil into the hole of the oil fill plug. Be sure only to fill in the recommended volume of oil. Now that you have successfully changed the oil in the lawnmower, wipe off the dipstick to ensure that it is clean, and place it back into the lawnmower. You should place back any and all other components that you may have detached from your lawnmower during the process.

During the process, it is vital that you take care of certain aspects. First and foremost, be sure that when draining the oil, you should only use an oil drip pan or a container that is oil-safe. This is because of the fact that any container that is not oil-safe could end up leaking, causing a spill within your space, which is incredibly dangerous. The second aspect to take care of is that you should never dump the drained oil in soil or down your drain. Be sure to dispose of it properly, or you can even take it to a nearby recycling facility. Congratulations, you have now successfully changed the oil in a lawnmower.

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