How Much Juice In One Orange?

Do you like to cook healthy foods that require the addition of fruits as well? If so, then surely you would know the trouble of deducing correct measurements. After all, it is unlikely to know exactly how much juice in one orange.

Seeing an ingredient like the juice of one orange can put you in a panic. That is because most of you may have a bottle of juice in your fridge rather than oranges. However, after reading this guide, you will be well aware of how much juice there is in one orange.

How Much Juice In One Orange?

One orange of a regular size makes up about 4 to 5 tablespoons of juice. If you’re wondering how many cups that is, well, it’s one-third of a cup. That is the average amount of juice, but you’re likely to get some extra if you use a big orange. 

So, if the recipe requires a cup of juice, you’ll have to use three medium-sized oranges. Aside from that, you can taste it as you cook and improvise if the dish is not up to the mark. Also, make sure to use fresh oranges as they are sweeter and juicier.

How Much Juice Is One Glass?

Many people think that one orange will be sufficient for a glass of juice. That is far from the truth. One glass requires more effort than squeezing just one orange.

Every household has a different set of glasses, so the fill can vary. However, the typical standard of one glass is 250ml. That is the same unit as a glass of water.

One orange typically provides about 75ml of juice. So, for one glass, you will require four medium-sized oranges. However, if the variety of fruit does not yield a reasonable amount, you should keep in mind that you will need at least six oranges.

Conversions Of Orange to Juice

To make cooking easier, here are some measurements you could refer to in the future.

  • ¼ orange = 1 tablespoon juice
  • One orange = 4-5 tablespoons of juice
  • Two oranges = ½ cup of juice

These are the typical conversions that many people use. You should keep in mind that sometimes they can vary. That is because the amount of juice is different for various types of oranges.

Which Oranges Gives The Most Juice?

The type of orange is crucial when extracting juice. Unfortunately, not all of them have a good amount of juice. That is why knowing the best varieties can help you save money and time.

1. Valencia Orange

Valencia oranges are the best choice for extracting juice. They are available for nine months during the year, so you won’t have to worry about not finding them in the market. Besides that, they set the typical standard for orange juice because of its large size and easy availability.

One Valencia orange will give you about 1/3 cup of juice. Many cooks prefer to use them because they have a thin covering, lesser seeds, and a sweeter taste. Sometimes you may find a green Valencia at the market, but that is nothing to worry about.

Despite the color, the fruit will still be ripe. The changing of color is part of their mechanism to protect them from sunlight. 

2. Blood Orange

These oranges are one of the juiciest types you can find in the market. They yield almost the same quantity as Valencia. The difference between them and Valencia is the availability period.

You can find Valencia in the market from April to December, whereas blood oranges are available from December to April. That is why they are the best substitute when Valencia is not around.

If you want a blood orange that is sweet and juicy, you should pick those with darker peel. Apart from that, the juice of blood oranges does not spoil quickly. Hence you can store it easily.

3. Navel Orange

Navel oranges yield about ¼ cup of orange juice. They are available throughout the year but shouldn’t be your top choice. These Oranges aren’t that sweet; that is why you will have to add sugar or honey to enhance the taste.

Besides that, you cannot store the juice once you’ve extracted it. That is because Navel oranges contain limonin which will make the juice bitter soon. Hence, it is best to drink the juice within 30 minutes of extraction.

4. Mandarin

Mandarin oranges are well-known for having a sweet flavor. One mandarin can give you almost three tablespoons of juice. But they yield a lesser quantity than both Blood and Navel oranges.

They are seedless and easy to squeeze. However, due to their small size, you will have to get many oranges if making juice in bulk.

How To Get The Most Juice Out Of An Orange?

Did you know you can increase the juice content of oranges yourself as well? Many times, you may get the fruit but realize it’s not enough for the recipe. Well, instead of going back to the market for oranges, you can follow these simple tips.

The tips have been tested, so rest assured they will give you greater yield.

1. Make The Orange Warmer

Whether it is an orange or some other fruit, you should be aware that a cold fruit will always yield less juice. That is because exposure to oxygen and light gradually decreases the nutrients in the fruit. So, to get the most juice, you should warm your oranges first.

Typically, you can warm your hands and roll the fruit for few minutes. This is the natural way to transfer heat quickly. Apart from that, you can also peel the orange and place it in the microwave.

Keep in mind to not heat it for more than 12 seconds. This is the most efficient way to increase the yield. Microwaving not only provides more juice but also makes the extracting process easier.

2. Roll The Orange

The best way to roll an orange is by moving it against the chopping board or countertop of the kitchen. This type of massage helps in increasing the content of all kinds of citrus fruits. That is because rolling helps the fruit to become less rigid and firm.

When the orange loses its rigidity, juicing process becomes easier, due to which a more significant amount is yielded.

3. Cut Efficiently

There are many ways to cut fruit. However, some techniques benefit you more than others. You must be wondering what we mean by effective cutting.

Well, usually, people cut their oranges into halves when preparing orange juice. After all, it’s easier and faster to use half pieces. But if you want to get more quantity, it is best to cut them into quarters.

This is a simple step but will make all the difference if you’re manually extracting the juice. The quarter pieces can be squeezed easily, which results in a higher yield.

4. Use An Electric Appliance 

Squeezing out the juice by hand is the common options people use. It is cheaper and does not take up much space. However, the amount of your juice is limited to the strength you put in.

That is why electric juicers are famous for extracting twice the amount. This is because the machines are designed to use more power and apply greater force. This allows them to squeeze the fruit at its maximum to give you the best quantity.

Nowadays, masticating juicers are becoming quite popular too. Some of them even cut the fruit themselves and extract the juice within minutes. It will be a one-time expense and, in the future, you can easily make juices without putting in much effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Benefits Of Having Orange Juice?

Orange juice is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and potassium. The substances are known for improving your health and giving your skin a natural glow.

2. Is Fresh Juice Better Than Store-Bought?

Of course, yes! You may see high nutritional values behind juice boxes, but none of them can match the quality of fresh juice. Extracting fresh fruit will provide rich nutrients to your drink without any chemicals.

If you are on a diet and want to maintain your health, always squeeze out fresh juice at home. In fact, drinking a glass in the morning can boost your energy to work efficiently.

3. Is Drinking Too Much Orange Juice Bad?

Although orange is rich in nutrients, it is also acidic. So, with time having large amounts can result in bad teeth. That is because the acid affects the enamel on your teeth.

Hence, you should drink moderately and always have a glass of lukewarm water after the juice. That will help to neutralize the acidity.

4. Is Orange Juice Good For Burning Fat?

Yes, it is. Orange juice has a high amount of vitamin C, which enhances your metabolism. Thus, it helps you to lose fat effectively.

In fact, any vegetable or fruit with this vitamin is effective for burning fat.

Bottom Line

That was everything you needed to know about how much juice in one orange. Whether you are extracting the juice for drinking or a recipe, the conversions will assist you and make life easier.

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