How Long To Thaw Frozen Lobster Tails

When they’re at their freshest, Frozen lobster tails preserve the texture and flavor of the flesh. It even allows you to eat lobster whenever and wherever you choose. But just before you prepare them, you must first thaw them properly. Read this article to know about how to thaw frozen lobster tails.

You can thaw lobster tails for a day or two in the fridge, use chilly water to thaw them faster, or microwave them in minutes, based on how many hours you have until you need to prepare them.

How Long to Thaw Frozen Lobster Tails

There are five or six different ways to defrost frozen lobster tails. Each one requires a significant period to finish. You’ll need to design strategies dependent on the quantity of time you have.

Thaw Frozen Lobster Tails in the Fridge

Thaw Frozen Lobster Tails in the Fridge

Allow frozen lobster tails to defrost in the refrigerator for at least twenty-four hours before using. If you prepare frozen lobster tails without thawing them entirely, the meat will become tough and chewy.

This process takes the longest time. If the frozen tails don’t thaw after twenty-four hours, leave them inside the fridge for another six to seven hours before rechecking them.

Thaw Frozen Lobster Tails by Submerging into the Water

Fill a big pot halfway with cold chilly water and big enough to submerge the zipped bag filled with lobster tails completely. Place the sack of lobster tails inside the bowl of cold water. Leave it for thirty minutes, soak in the cold water.

Take the sack out after thirty minutes and inspect the tails to determine if they have been thawed by looking for defrosting in the heaviest area of the flesh. If they’re not, close the sack and drain the water from the pot. Put the sack back into the pot of chilly water. It takes around an hour to complete the operation.

Thaw Frozen Lobster Tails in a Microwave

When you lack time to thaw frozen lobster tails for a whole day or use chilly water, you can microwave them as the very last option. On a microwaveable plate, put the frozen lobster tails. For three minutes, thaw them in the microwave. Select Choose the defrost option on your microwave, then microwave your tails for another minute to avoid overcooking them.


  • If you detect any popping or sizzling noises from tails while defrosting in a microwave, you may have microwaved them for too much.
  • When you microwave your lobster tail to defrost it, you should cook it right away to avoid bacteria from growing.
  • Touch the middle of the visible meat at the distal tip to test if the flesh has defrosted without tearing apart the shell.
  • The tail meat should not be refrozen.


Finally, the best method to thaw a frozen lobster tail is in the refrigerator. Though defrosting a lobster tail requires an entire day, it provides hygiene and saves your tails from bacteria. Other quick-acting methods are also possible. If you have no other choice, try the other alternatives.

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