How Long Should You Thaw Lobster Tails in The Microwave

In order of cooking the lobster properly, the tails must be thawed thoroughly. If you don’t defrost the tail thoroughly, the flesh will become rubbery and difficult. When you defrost the lobster incorrectly, it might also deteriorate. To maintain the fresh flesh and stop bacteria from forming, lobster should be defrosted slowly and kept cool. After the lobster has been thoroughly thawed, cook it using your preferred way. The simplest way to thaw lobster tails is to microwave them.

Can You Thaw Lobster Tails In A Microwave?

Yes, you certainly can. It is, in fact, one of the most efficient methods for thawing lobster tails. It requires a lot less time and effort.

Thawing Lobster Tails In Microwave – Full Procedure And Timing:

With the risk of partially heating the tails, this procedure should only be used when you don’t have enough time or are experienced in it. For your convenience, we’ve provided step-by-step instructions on how to thaw lobster tails in the microwave:

1st Step:

Thaw frozen lobster tails as quickly as possible. If you haven’t had time to thaw frozen lobster tails a day or two or to use chilly water, you can microwave them as the last option. When defrosting frozen lobster tails using a microwave, there’s also a possibility of slightly cooking the protein, so don’t thaw them far too much.

2nd Step:

Take a microwave-safe plate and put the lobster tails on it. Pull the lobster tails off their packing and place them together in a single layer on the microwave-safe plate to thaw evenly.

3rd Step:

For three minutes, microwave the lobster tails to get thawed. Use the defrost option on your oven and microwave the frozen tails for about three minutes to avoid overcooking them. If you notice any popping or crackling noises from the tails, you probably have microwaved it for longer than needed.

4th Step:

Check to determine if the tails are defrosted or not.  Remove the plate from the microwave after three minutes, then test the widest section of the largest tail and see if it’s thawed. The flesh must be at ambient temperature in the middle, without any ice or freezing areas.

5th Step:

Cook tails as soon as possible. Because microwave-defrosted lobster flesh may have begun to cook slightly, it must be utilized quickly before spoiling. When the tail is fully thawed, transform it into your meal as soon as possible for the greatest flavor and texture.

Can You Thaw Lobster Tails In A Microwave?

Few things to keep in mind while thawing lobster tails in a microwave:

  • Thawing lobster tail in a microwave can change the consistency making it harder.
  • The lobster tails should not be stacked or piled on the platter.
  • Microwave the frozen tails for one minute at a time when your oven doesn’t have to defrost mode.
  • Touch the middle of the visible muscle by the tail’s end to test if it’s been defrosted without tearing apart the shell.


The lobster tails are difficult to prepare. When lobsters are caught, their tails are chopped off and are quickly frozen after being removed to ensure their freshness and flavor since the lobster tail is much tougher to deal with, careful with the timing while thawing it in the microwave.

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