How Long Does Coquito Last

Coquito is a sweet-creamy coconut and rum drink that instantly gives you the reminiscence of traditional holiday eggnogs. This simple yet delicious and refreshing mixed drink is served chilled, and it’ll drag you into the realm of festive colors! With all the creamy and milky ingredients put together, the unique nature of the coquito drink requires it to be refrigerated. Apart from rejoicing its intimidating taste, people are also more often into the thought that how long does Coquito last? Before talking through this, let’s look at a few basic facts about Coquito.  

Basic Facts about Coquito

Coquito is a traditional Christmas drink that mainly originated in Puerto Rico. The term Coquito refers to ‘Little Coconut’ in Spanish. This fine traditional drink is usually served after dinner in shot glasses. Familiar to people as Puerto Rican eggnog, Coquito is characterized by a creamy, coconut-milk-based rum drink which will certainly give your holiday season a strong essence worth remembering! 

The strong resemblances of this Puerto Rican mixed drink with eggnogs might make these two very difficult to distinguish. But the basic difference between these two is- Eggnogs are made with a base of milk with real eggs, whereas Coquito is a coconut cream-based drink. During the holiday festivals like Christmas, it is the star drink of the season. People can’t simply deny the creamy coconut flavors and smooth rum spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg that the coquitos offer.

How Long Does Coquito Last?

Due to its unique fusion of components, the question that more often arises is- How long does a coquito last? The answer solely depends on the variation of the components and the refrigeration. The drink is served fresh, chilled, and should be refrigerated. 

How to recognize spoiled Coquito?

If the Coquito is spoiled, it smells like rotten eggs. Because, amongst its ingredients, the egg is the only putrescible one in the composition. A coquito spoiled will give you the smell of sour milk as well. It smells more like curdled milk. However, if it doesn’t taste or smell anything like that, it’s likely good to go. The fun fact is that will only happen if you are patient or busy enough to hold yourself so long from devouring your bottles of this delicious drink.  

When asked ‘how long does coquito last,’ it should be noted that It requires good refrigeration. If missed out on doing so, it’s highly likely to go off within a ‘not so long period because the milk components of the drink are highly likely to disappear if not stored for a long time. The coquitos that do not contain eggs have better sustainability and can be extended even for several months if refrigerated well. 

Coquito recipes can come with raw eggs and no eggs at all. So, this chilled and fresh served drink is susceptible to decomposing upon being left out for long, and how long does Coquito lasts depends on the components and its perfect refrigeration. 

How long can alcohol and eggnog be kept together?

To understand how long does Coquito lasts, it is important to know how long is eggnog with alcohol good together? The Laboratory of Bacterial Pathogenesis and Immunology at Rockefeller University has experimented on raw-eggs-and-alcohol eggnogs for at least 60 years. It has been suggested from the studies that a mixture of ingredients like cream, sugar, spices, eggs, and alcohol can be left for about six weeks in the fridge.

How Long Does Coquito Last with Different Ingredients?

The answer to this question depends mostly on the composition and ingredients of the drink. If one wonders how long does Coquito lasts with eggs in it, then the probable answer would be 3-4 days, or even 5-6 days if kept in the refrigerator. In this case, the coquito drink can acquire a slight fat cap on the top due to refrigeration. 

However, that is just the separated cream of coconut fat which is normal. A good shake or poke will bring it right back to the state where it’s all prepared to be consumed. Though it’s evident that coquitos are made more with a coconut milk base, adding the eggs is often avoided in many of the recipes. Coquitos having the combination excluding eggs seem to be preferable in so many cases. 

Now, one might wonder how long does Coquito lasts, which doesn’t have eggs in it? The best thing, in that case, is Coquito without eggs can be stored in the refrigerator for approximately 4-6 months if kept in airtight containers. In the same way as the ones with eggs, letting it sit on the counter for around 10-12 minutes and giving it a strong shake will make the drink all good to go if the coconut oil hardens due to refrigeration.  


So, suppose you are in love with this magical drink and want to passionately cherish your regular or Christmas Coquito by making a happy or festive atmosphere around. In that case, unfortunately, you’re experiencing a busy, rough week with barely any time to give yourself. 

The answer to your worrisome question of how long does Coquito last is that you can always give yourself at least 3-4 days timespan if not 5-6 days, and yet you are likely to enjoy the same taste of the Coquito that is waiting for you in the refrigerator back at home. Because coquitos with eggs does last long enough till 3-4 days. And coquitos without eggs can even sustain for 4-6 months if they’re well refrigerated! 

So, take your time, ease your work pressure and get back to the Coquito waiting for you so that you can enjoy it in your best possible mood. But before asking ‘how long does coquito last,’ ask yourself, ‘can you hold yourself from consuming any bit of this finest drink till the time it reaches anywhere near the point of perishing?’. 

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