How Fast Will Something Thaw in Refrigeration Compared to Room Temperature?

You’ve returned home and realized you’ve forgotten to defrost something for dinner. You take a bag of pork or chicken to defrost it quickly in hot water. Is this, however, secure? If you had forgotten about the item and left it on the countertop all day? Some thawing processes can cause foodborne diseases. During “the huge thaw,” perishable food items must be maintained at an appropriate temperature. When frozen, proteins are safe. Nevertheless, as soon as you defrost them, dormant germs might grow. It takes a little longer, but the safest approach to ensure hygiene and flavor, and texture preservation to thaw in refrigeration.

Thaw in Refrigeration?

Thaw in Refrigeration

Thawing in the fridge takes much longer. However, keeping your meals at forty degrees Fahrenheit or below as it thaw is the surest bet to keep it safe. Allow for a whole day of cooking time for your ground meat. So that nothing spills over to other foods, you can use the lower shelf. You’ll have to prepare the meal immediately away if thawed using any other method. If you should decide about your food while it is still freezing, it’s okay to return to the freezers.

Thaw at Room Temperature?

Thawing at room temperature takes less time than thawing in the fridge. If you’re craving instant meat, melting at room temperature is a good option for you. But it brings some risks with it. Meat can sometimes lose its tenderness. This is due to their sensitivity to changes in temperature. It also allows micro bacteria to multiply.

How Fast Will Something Thaw in Refrigeration?

  • For every five lbs. of meat, such as a frozen turkey, allow a whole day.
  • Refrigerate stew meat, ground beef, chicken, and shellfish for one or two days before cooking. 

How Fast Will Something Thaw at Room Temperature?

How Fast Will Something Thaw at Room Temperature
  • For every five pounds of meat, like frozen red meat, it will take five to six hours to defrost. 
  • Frozen stack pieces of meat, chicken, seafood with shells might take up to seven hours to thaw at room temperature. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Thawing in The Fridge or at Room Temperature:

  • Perishable foods must never be left out on the countertop to thaw, and they must never be kept out at room temperature any more than two-two and a half hours.
  • It’s better to plan beforehand and defrost frozen food in the fridge, which will keep the food safe and at a steady temperature. 


Frozen chicken, meats, and seafood are commonly thawed. Vegetables don’t need to be thawed before cooking. If food gets left out for more than two hours, germs can develop quickly if the temperature crosses ninety degrees. 

Between refrigerator and room temperature, room temperature prevails when it comes to thawing. However, the question remains as to whether this is the best technique. No, it isn’t. If you don’t have time to thaw in the fridge, the other approach is better.

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