Fair Trade Coffee Brands

There is no doubt that coffee is an incredibly massive and popular commodity worldwide, which is why the coffee manufacturing industry is also known to be one of the largest industries. However, with a product that is mass-produced across the world, you are more likely to find unfair practices, such as the use of forced labor. It has been estimated by the International Labor Organization that there are more than 150 million child slaves who are working within coffee manufacturing facilities. To find out more about Fair Trade coffee brands, keep reading the following article!

Fair Trade 

When it comes to those bonded in forced labor, they are given minimal to no rights at all. This section of the labor force is the most exploited section, where they have to work for incredibly long hours with barely any compensation or none at all. So, by choosing fair trade certified products, you are supporting a better future for our labor force. 

Fair Trade Coffee Brands

To help you make better purchasing decisions, here is a list of Fair Trade certified coffee brands.

1.0 Cafédirect

Fair Trade Coffee Brands

Cafédirect is a coffee brand located in London, UK. It is not only Free Trade certified but is also B Corp certified. This coffee brand is known for its incredible ethics as it is also known to re-invest up to 50% of its profits into an organization known as Producers Direct. This is a UK-based nonprofit organization, which works towards improving and enhancing the livelihoods and sustainability of farmers. Cafédirect has an exceptional commitment to producing premium-quality coffee and has been functioning within the markets for over 30 years now. In fact, over these three decades, the brand has given 30 million pounds to its suppliers and growers. They are also known for upholding as well as flourishing their long-term partnerships. One of the reasons why this coffee brand is considered to be the top Free Trade coffee brand is because it has earned Gold Standard certifications, proving they the brand shows integrity in putting the planet and its people first.

2.0 Equal Exchange 

Fair Trade Coffee Brands

Equal Exchange is a particularly interesting Fair Trade coffee brand as it is a cooperative that is owned by workers. It is located in St. Paul and is not only Fair Trade certified but is also USDA certified. Equal Exchange is one of the market leaders of the coffee industry in St. Paul and has been established for more than thirty years. Today, this Fair Trader certified cooperative owned by workers features 130 owners, where each one has equal shares and, therefore, equal voting rights. There is no doubt that Equal Exchange has earned its spot as one of the top Fair Trade coffee brands.

3.0 Grumpy Mule 

Fair Trade Coffee Brands

When it comes to functioning as a Fair Trade certified coffee brand, Grumpy Mule has an incredibly stubborn model in terms of its ethics. Grumpy Mule, instead of thinking and striving for sustainability in the short term, which isn’t as difficult to achieve, focuses on long-term sustainability when it comes to its sourcing and coffee bean roasting practices. Based in Yorkshire, UK, Grumpy Mule is an organic fair trade certified coffee brand, which is known to support a variety of environmental projects. That is not all; this coffee brand is truly passionate about creating incredible coffee for its consumers and even provides methods and guidelines of brewing to help you make the perfect cup of coffee.

4.0 Higher Ground Roasters

Fair Trade Coffee Brands

Higher Ground Roasters is another incredible organic coffee brand that is USDA certified and, of course, Fair Trade certified. Its ethical characteristics as a Fair Trade certified coffee brand feature the practice of giving back, shade-grown coffee beans, and they even utilize renewable power. This coffee brand is located in Vestavia, and its coffee beans are available not just online but also in cafes and grocery shops across the Southeast region in the US. Higher Ground Roasters offers one of the best coffee beans in the world that are completely organic and fresh. This Fair Trade certified coffee brand also focuses on sustainability within the long term as it has invested in wind power credits. This renewable power is then used to not only offset their carbon use daily but also help in the subsidization of wind farms. As for its ethics in giving back, Higher Ground Roasters gives a portion of its premiums to the Cahaba River Society as well as the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, both of which are non-profit organizations.

5.0 BLK + Bold

Located in Des Moines, with its products available online and at retail outlets, including Target, BLK + Bold is a top-tier Fair Trade certified coffee brand. This coffee brand is known to source its coffee beans from the capitals of coffee, which include Ethiopia and Honduras. BLK + Bold keeps the land and people first as it is also known to give back 5% of its profits to projects and initiatives that focus on the welfare of today’s youth, such as projects for providing opportunities for workforce development and even teen homelessness. The great thing is that BLK + Bold offers coffee bean subscriptions, where shipping only costs a single dollar. So, if you are someone who drinks coffee on the regular and is looking for a Fair Trade certified coffee brand, then this one is a great choice.

6.0 Made By DWC

A Fair Trade certified coffee brand based out of Los Angeles, Made by DWC is a social enterprise, which manufactures top-tier coffee beans and gives back to the community. This coffee brand works to support and empower women by giving back to projects that work to break the cycle of homelessness by providing stable employment opportunities. A portion of the profits is then given back to mentorship and career programs. They offer two types of roasts, the beans of which are sourced from Papua New Guinea and Uganda. A portion

The great thing about all of these Fair Trade certified coffee brands is not just the fact that they are certified but also that they offer incredible coffee beans and roasts.

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