Fair Trade Chocolate Brands

The world is crazy about chocolate, and we all can understand why. It doesn’t just taste delicious, but it is also a superfood, which consists of antioxidants and provides us with several cardiovascular benefits. In fact, several studies have shown that chocolate can help reduce stress, improve our mental health, improve our concentration, and boost our energy levels.  Supporting chocolate brands that treat their workers and farmers fairly is an absolute necessity, especially if you are a chocolate lover. If you want to contribute to such great brands, here are a few Fair Trade chocolate brands for you!

Fair Trade

With all of the benefits of chocolate, there is no doubt that it is great for us. However, as consumers, it is vital to know where our chocolate comes from and whether it is benefitting the farmers who grow them. Unfortunately, the chocolate manufacturing industry is known to be one of the top industries within which the use of child labor and forced labor is prevalent. However, with the Fair Trade certification, we can be sure that we are purchasing our product from a company that not only treats its workers and farmers well but also puts the planet and its people as one of the top priorities. To help you in acting as a responsible consumer, here are the top Fair Trade chocolate brands.

1.0 Alter Eco Food

A Fair Trade certified chocolate brand, Alter Eco Food, is for all of the truffle and chocolate lovers out there. This Fair Trade certified chocolate brand has incredible eco-friendly practices and is also B corporation certified. But, that is not all; their products are also completely organic and free of GMOs. Alter Eco Food is particularly known for its contributions towards becoming an eco-friendly brand, which can be particularly seen by its use of compostable packaging. In addition, Alter Eco Food gives back by planting a vast number of trees in order to compensate for the carbon emissions in their supply chain. The best part is that their chocolates are curated using pure coconut oil and are rich in good fats. Their manufacturing process also does not include the use of soy or preservatives. So, not only do their chocolates taste incredible, but they’re also good for you. You can easily purchase products from Alter Eco Foods online, on Kroger, or Thrive Market.

2.0 Theo Chocolate

Fair Trade Chocolate Brands

Theo Chocolate, available at Whole Foods, Sprouts, and online, is a Fair Trade certified chocolate brand that has a variety of chocolates of different flavors and mainly makes a positive social impact. This Fair Trade certified chocolate brand strives to help this planet and its people with the use of their passion; chocolate. This brand is incredibly dedicated and committed to operating in a way that is both environmentally and socially responsible by partnering up with organizations, such as World Bicycle Relief, Jane Goodall Institute, and Eastern Congo Initiative.

3.0 Evolved

Fair Trade Chocolate Brands

If you are a true lover of dark chocolate, then this is the perfect Fair Trade certified chocolate brand for you. Available both online and at Thrive Market, Evolved offers dark chocolate that is free of soy, dairy, and gluten. Their manufacturing process is also incredibly clean as they use no fillers or junk and utilize the minimum amount of ingredients required to make delicious dark chocolate.

4.0 UnReal

Fair Trade Chocolate Brands

UnReal is a Fair Trade certified chocolate that is best known for its soy-free, corn-free, and gluten-free chocolate. UnReal is an incredible Fair Trade chocolate brand as its mission is to de-junk the US by reinventing its favorite foods, which is why the company started producing Reese’s® and M&Ms® that have a lower amount of sugar and without all the fillers. All of UnReal’s products are 100% real, with no use of artificial ingredients, and completely free of GMOs. But, that is not all, as they are a Fair Trade certified chocolate brand, they only source their ingredients through sustainable sources.

5.0 Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange is one of the largest Fair Trade certified chocolate brands, which deals with chocolate minis and even Fair Trade coffee. Their products are available at Thrive Market, Target and can be ordered online. Equal Exchange is on a mission to enter into environmentally and economically sound long-term partnerships with locals. This will help them in fostering relationships that are mutually beneficial for the consumers as well as the farmers, and all of this is achieved by partaking in Fair Trade practices. The great thing about their Fair Trade practices is that their products chocolates are made from ingredients that are USDA certified and completely organic. Not to mention that they source their ingredients from co-ops of small farmers.

6.0 Dapaah

If you are looking for a Fair Trade certified chocolate brand that makes vegan chocolate, then you will love this one. Dapaah is known to source its cocoa from Ghana itself, which is known to be in charge of supplying 20% of the world’s cocoa. The best part is that Dapaah sources their cocoa directly and uses organic cocoa only. Dapaah has perfected the art of making vegan chocolate that is hard to identify as vegan, which means that it tastes decadent, milky, and rich, just as premium-quality organic chocolate would. The great thing is that Dapaah follows a profit share model where they, of course, partake in Fair Trade practices but also give back by giving high wages to their farmers.

7.0 Endangered Species Chocolate

If you love chocolate as much as you love animals and nature, then we are sure you will love Endangered Species Chocolate too because of the fact that they share your values and have great ethics. Endangered Species Chocolate is also a Fair Trade certified chocolate brand, the products of which are available at Thrive Market, Target and can be ordered online. Endangered Species Chocolate’s mission is to protect the incredibly diverse life that lives on our planet and help raise awareness for global change. This is why this Fair Trade certified chocolate brand is known to donate 10% of its profits to organizations that support the conservation of species, the preservation of habitats, and efforts for humanitarian purposes. Of course, since they are a Fair Trade certified chocolate brand, they are known to use shade-grown cocoa and other ingredients sourced using Fair Trade practices for their manufacturing process.

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