Can You Grill In The Rain?

It’s raining, and you are bored with nothing to do? Don’t worry, and you can do a barbeque and enjoy the company of your friends and family in this pleasant weather. 

Barbeque is an activity mainly done outdoor during summertime. But, as the world is evolving, you have to too. With upcoming trends, grilling in the rain is going to be the new hype.

Many people don’t understand how anyone can grill in the rain. Anything can be possible only if you are willing to do it. However, before grilling in the rain, you need to learn how it can be done.

Tips And Ideas in moderate rainfall

Here are some tips and ideas that would protect your grill in the rain.

Patio Umbrella 

When it comes to cost-effective solutions for grilling in rain this one tops the list. Go to the nearest supermarket and get the most oversized umbrella you can. However, make sure you place your property with a strong anchor. 

Heavy gusts of wind can bring it down and also ruin your grill. A 5-gallon bucket of wet sands makes a suitable anchor for umbrellas.

Grill Gazebo

If you love to cook outdoor regularly, Grill Gazebo is an answer to all your solutions. It is similar to an outdoor kitchen. In addition, it will shelter you while grilling in the rain.

Grill Gazebo will help you throughout the year. Even if it’s not raining, the gazebo will provide you with a shady, relaxing area to cook. 

Tarp Tent

This idea will recreate your boy scout days. A Tarp tent is similar to camping and has been a solution since the very start. 

However, keep the safety precautions in mind. Make sure you get a flame-resistant one. The tarp should always be suspended at 6 feet above the surface.

Tips For Heavy Rain

With heavy rain come winds at high speed. The ideas you read above won’t be of much use in heavy winds. In heavy rain, you need better precautions for you to carry out your grilling.

Wind Block

Setting up a wind wall or block will help you stop the wind from affecting your grill. In addition, you can use a sheet of plywood or any other solid and stable material to divert the wind direction. 

Grill Gazebo

The gazebo will be very helpful for your grill solution in heavy rainfall. The wide shelter under will be accessible for you to grill. It will also be easier for you to create and place wind blocks under the gazebo.

How Grilling In The Rain Is Different

Grilling in the rains needs lots of effort and patience from your side. This is because so many things are going to be affected by the weather.

Temperature Control

Both rain and wind will reduce your grill temperature. If you have a charcoal grill, you will need to start a little earlier and maintain a steady temperature. One thing to keep in mind is that charcoal absorbs moisture, so it might be difficult for you to light them up.

A gas grill in strong winds will become irritating for you. Also, due to the gusts of winds, the burner might blow out. 

Wind Direction

Make sure you watch your vents if the wind is directly blowing towards the vents. Closing the vents or turning the grill in a different direction is advisable. Wind blocks will also help you to stabilize the flame. 

Advantages of Grilling In The Rain

You might not realize it but grilling in the rain offers a lot of advantages. The air is humid on a rainy day. The humid air is the reason for reduced evaporation which in turn keeps your food juicy and moist. 

During rain, we tend to close the lid of the grill for temperature control. However, the smoke trapped inside the closed cover adds extra flavor to the food. So grilling in the rain will make your food taste better until you make it wet while getting it to the house. 

Do’s and Don’ts Of Grilling In Rain

When grilling in the rain, do: 

  • Grill underneath a shelter or canopy 
  • Dispose of charcoal ashes carefully
  • Always keep a hose or fire extinguisher handy to be on the safe side
  • Keep a close eye on your grill
  • Keep the lid closed as much as possible 

   When grilling in the rain, don’t: 

  • Use your grill in an open garage as hazardous gases can leak into your home
  • Leave your grill unattended. Strong gusts of winds can ruin the grill in a matter of seconds.
  • Immediately start the gas grill if the flame dies out. Open the lid, let the excess gas out of the grill, then start your flame again.
  • Use electric grills, as sparks can be generated through loose connections.
  • Tie the tarp too low over the grill

In the rainy season, it would be advisable to grill fast-cooking meat and veggies. Grilling boneless chicken, hotdogs, and burgers don’t take too long. Likewise, veggies such as corn, bell peppers, tomatoes are prepared quickly.

Don’t cook steaks as they take too long, and it would be impossible for you to attend the grill for a long time. However, if you are in the mood for steak, what you can do is pre-cook and finish it on the grill to give a flavor boost.

Importance of Planning

Planning plays a key role if you are in the mood to grill on a rainy day. Due to rainy conditions, many factors change, and you need to look closely at each one. 

Planning can be a bit time-consuming, but it will ensure that you have a safe and fun grilling. It would be best if you started your fire earlier, had backup charcoals, a remote thermostat. 

With the help of a remote thermostat, you wouldn’t need to stand at the grill all the check to check your meat. 

Final Words

Don’t let the weather put down your mood of grilling. It can be done all year round, you need to learn a bit about the weather, and you will be good to go.

I hope this guide helps you if you are planning on doing a barbeque in the rainy season.

Happy Grilling! 

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