Can You Freeze Cream Cheese?

You bought cream cheese to make a certain meal but decided not to use it. The cream cheese, including your best motivations to utilize it, sits idle in your refrigerator. Learn with us if you can freeze cream cheese and ways to use it after freezing it. 

A dairy item that frequently expires even before we get to utilize it properly. However, you might be fortunate to have more usage out of it beyond the expiry date suggested owing to your nifty freezer.

Can You Freeze Cream Cheese?

Can You Freeze Cream Cheese?

The answer to this question isn’t simple. Yes, you can freeze cream cheese, but under certain conditions. Cream cheese can be frozen for later use.

Although frozen cream cheese is not suitable for spreading, it may be used to make cheesecake, icing, pastry, or other desserts.

How to Freeze Cream Cheese

Opened Cream Cheese

Once you have indulged in the cream cheese before actually making the recipe, you have to make sure it is in a sealed box before storing it. Store into the freezer for approximately two months after labeling with the storing data. It should go beyond mentioning but make sure the cream cheese has not gone bad when storing it.

Unopened Cream Cheese

If you use your freezer, getting cream cheese in large amounts does not seem such a frightening thought. Cream cheese that has not been unwrapped should be frozen in its package. The aluminum covering and cardboard packaging give more than necessary freezer burn prevention. Cream cheese that has been frozen should be maintained for roughly two months.

How to Use Frozen Cream Cheese

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Cream cheese can be frozen, but the texture will alter substantially. When frozen, it will become more granular and less velvety. So frozen cream cheese is best used in baking or cooked meals in which the difference would not be noticeable.

Go ahead and thaw some cream cheese for use in your future fudge or cheesecake-making project. If you are looking to coat your breakfast bagel, you will undoubtedly not be pleased with the outcome as it would not spread as well when frozen. Freezing is not a wise choice if you plan to eat the cream cheese directly out of the container like a spread.

Defrosting Frozen Cream Cheese

Allow cold cream cheese to defrost in the refrigerator for a few hours, preferably overnight. The consistency of already frozen cream cheese would be noticeably grainier and crumblier than that of refrigerated cream cheese.

Once it is frozen, around 50% of it is water, which gets isolated out of the cheese curds. Mix the ingredients as much as possible with a fork or a mixer. 

Final Words

Many users suggest covering cream cheese in plastic wrap before freezing it. Although using additional plastic wrap or a freezer bag is a good idea, it is not required. The blocks are already foil-wrapped and packaged in cardboard. Store your cream cheese in the freezer, then utilize it as quickly as possible.

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