Best Time To Visit Big Sur

Are you looking for a weekend getaway? If so, Big Sur in California can be the answer to all your questions. With its 90-mile rugged coastline, Big Sur is a treat for those who love to wander off in nature. It’s where the Pacific Ocean meets the Santa Lucia mountains.

Big Sur is known as the most scenic stretch of coastline in the United States. The unique fact about it is that it is mostly undeveloped. So the natural beauty of the place is preserved.

Here the mountains converge with the ocean, and it has some of the most significant redwood trees in the State. Big Sur might be a tourist spot for others, but it’s a national treasure for the Americans.

Reasons To Visit Big Sur

Best Time To Visit Big Sur

Around 5.8 million visitors take a trip to Big Sur annually. The place has a lot to offer. So if you’re someone that loves adventure and has a lust to explore, Big Sur is the place you have to visit.

You can see some mountains and a coastline for far, but when you get closer, you’ll know why it’s known as the most beautiful place. Big Sur is a place full of excitement and activities.

The State government contributes to preserving natural beauty. Many state parks are reserved. This makes it easy for everyone to access the forest within these mountains. It’s a treat for hiking lovers.

Camping is what everyone does to enjoy their time here. Hotels are available in the area, but the fun camping and bonfire provide a more enriching experience. Limekiln State Park and Pfeiffer Beach are some of the best campgrounds in Big Sur.

Best Time To Visit Big Sur

Due to high altitude, lush green forest, the weather at Big Sur remains moderate and mild throughout the year. However, it stays warm and temperate during the mid-year. 

It gets most windy during April when the sea starts getting rough. The least windy and calm month is November. The average temperature lies within 60-70 °F all year round. Coastal fog is one downside as it remains till midday and affects visibility at high altitudes. 

The best time to visit Big Sur is from April to October. The temperate remains mild and calm. After August, the crowd starts to disperse as it starts getting chilly due to the temperature drop. The temperature near the coast remains cooler than in the mountains, especially during summer.

Best Season To Visit Big Sur

Summer is referred to as the best season to visit Big Sur. It offers pleasant temperatures and opportunities for more outdoor activities. State parks and educational societies also provide many activities. 

One of the things many love to do in Big Sur during summers is enjoy the views provided by a state park. There are many places in this region as well where you can stop for a meal or drink.

When Should You Not Visit Big Sur?

In December, you will find lower prices for lodges because rainfall sometimes leads to road closure, and it becomes inaccessible. So the cheap living arrangement may seem a good incentive to you.

However, we suggest you avoid visiting Big Sur in December. This is because it is the worst time to explore the place. During this month, you will mainly have to stay indoors.

Attractions To Visit 

Now that you know the best time to visit Big Sur, you may be wondering about what places to visit. If so, here are the top attractions you will find in this region:

Keyhole Rock

Best Time To Visit Big Sur

It is a magnificent rock formation that has an enormous natural arch. It is one of the popular places to get a glimpse of the sunset.

Bixby Bridge

Best Time To Visit Big Sur

The bridge is a marvel of engineering that stands 260 feet above the creek. The bridge is an iconic symbol of the coastline. There are multiple points where you can get a view of the bridge and click a memory. 

Ewoldsen Trails 

Best Time To Visit Big Sur

It navigates through the flourishing coastal redwoods alongside the deep canyon. From time to time, wildfires and mudslides alter the trail conditions.

Pfeiffer State Park 

Best Time To Visit Big Sur

Between the steep Santa Lucia Mountains, this state park is most popular. Every acre of this state park covers dramatic scenery. It offers around 150 and is one of the best campgrounds alongside the river bank.

Point Lobos

Along the north end of the coast, Point Lobos is famous for its marine life. It is a renowned Scuba location and is a habitat for hundreds of sea creatures. In addition, Point Lobos is the only swimming-friendly region in Big Sur.

Ragged Point

If you are heading North, Ragged Point will be the first stop you will have on your trip traveling through Big Sur. It is a 300-foot cliff and can be your night stop on your first day here. It offers a resort, restaurant, and a coffee bar.

Along the protected portion of the coast, very loud and large appears in their natural habitat. However, there are access points if you like to get a click on your way.

Henry Miller Memorial Library

The Big Sur has influenced many artists, including musicians, poets, writers, by its beauty. The library is situated somewhere between the woods. It showcases the artistic side of Big Sur by hosting live performances and artwork exhibitions.

Final Words

If you are fond of nature and looking to visit a tropical destination, Big Sur should be on top of your list. Places like Big Sur with preserved natural beauty are hard to find for vacation. That is why your trip to this region will be worthwhile.

Visiting between April to October, you will get to witness many events such as Big Sur International Marathon, Jade Festival, and Harvest Crafts Fair.

However, Summer is the busiest time, so do expect higher prices in lodging. If you want to tackle hotel prices, you can rent an RV and camp in Big Sur. 

You should also take some backup batteries and storage cards with you. This is because you will be using your camera a lot to capture Big Sur’s beauty.

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