Best Paints for Garage

Your house looking welcoming to guests is always a plus for you. This also includes your garage, despite it sounding weird at first. Your friends and family would find it more appealing if your garage is painted, when compared to not. So this will be your guide for what the best paints  for garage.

 You should be aware before you start painting about a few things, but that will be discussed later. 

Best Paints for Garage in 2021




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Best Paints for Garage Glidden Premium

Keeps your walls washable after painting is done

Various colors are offered for selection

Low-odor, low volatility means more environmentally safe

Best Paints for Garage

BEHR Premium Plus

Durable finish resistant from stains and mildew

Very easy to apply and spread on the walls

Resistant from scratches or scrubs when cleaning

Best Paints for Garage

Valspar Signature

Acrylic latex paint

Resistant to mold and mildew

Durable and resistant to scratches and scrubs

Best Paints for Garage

Montage Signature Paint

Environmentally friendly and low on VOC

Very versatile and fills all your paint needs

Superior coverage, smooth brushing and finishing achieved

Best Paints for Garage

Behr Marquee

Very low on VOC and low odor

Has a huge range of colors to pick from

Premium semi-gloss finish

1. Glidden Premium

Best Paints for Garage

Glidden is a standout brand when it comes to paints. If you are looking to cover your garage with a healthy coat of paint, they have you covered well. The walls remain washable as these colors are handpicked by experts of this field. 

The paints are available in a wide array of 300 options, letting you pick whatever shade you want. Glidden premium has also got you covered if you want your garage to be environmentally friendly with its paint. The coats are low on VOC and is also low odor.


  • Allows your garage to stay washable and cleanable without wearing off
  • Low on VOC and odor, meaning your garage stays environmentally friendly
  • Available in a very wide array of options, up to 300 to choose from


  • Often found to be high on the budget, not affordable for a lot of cases

2. BEHR Premium Plus

Best Paints for Garage

If you are looking for a premium coat of paint for your garage, then look no further. Behr has got you covered with their premium plus range of paints. These coats have excellent coverage and spread when you apply them.

Additionally, they are also resistant to scratches and scrubs. Do not worry about getting a scratch. The premium plus will also leave your garage walls with a sheen when the application is complete and dried. Available in five different types of sheen, consider getting them today if you want a premium look for your garage.


  • Resistant to stains and scratches, lets you clean the walls without worry
  • Easy to apply and stress free coverage means smooth application
  • Does not stain easily, can endure most types of chemical inks without effect


  • Not very low on VOC, potentially harmful for the environment

3. Valspar Signature

Best Paints for Garage

Resistant to corrosion, the Valspar Signature was made for high-traffic areas. It will provide an excellent coating for your garage. As this is made for places infested with automobiles, it does not collect oil or grease from your vehicles. 

To add to the durability and resistance to scratches and marks, it is Greenguard Gold certified for health checks. Finally, the Valspar Signature does a great job at hiding previous coats of paint, if they were there. It has a lifetime guarantee and does not wear out after washes.


  • Resistant to most issues in a garage, scratches, stains, oils and other markings
  • Made for automobile presence, thus able to tolerate toxins from your car
  • Environmentally safe and low on VOC, approved by Greenguard Gold


  • Very pricey for a paint for your garage, but affordable on discounts

4. Montage Signature Paint

Best Paints for Garage

The Montage Signature Paint comes to you in many colors. This has a 10 year warranty which is well maintained by the customer care. You would want this in your garage if your garage has not had any redecoration in a while.

Each layer of the Montage Signature Paint is eco-friendly, meaning that it is low on VOC and toxicity. You will also find low odor after applying this paint, which can be a great priority for many users. When applying this on your garage, you will see that it is very easy to apply and spreads very smoothly.


  • Easy to apply and spreads easily, no additional stress is needed to cover walls
  • Eco friendliness leads to very low odor, low VOC and low on toxicity
  • Very versatile, can be applied outside and inside without any faultiness


  • Glossy finishes of this paint series are not satisfactory and can be sticky

5. Behr Marquee

Best Paints for Garage

The Behr Marquee earned traction for its one layer feature. What this means is that you do not need to worry about applying multiple layers of paint for the best results. This will be able to take care of your garage interior with just one proper coat of paint.

Moreover, the walls can be painted with easy smoothness in order to make it convenient for you. If any of this is attractive to you, consider getting the Behr Marquee for your garage today. It will be able to make your garage better, safer and more appealing.


  • Has a huge range of colors of up to 300 to pick from, versatile colors
  • Eco friendly and resistant to toxins that are found in the air or from cars
  • Has a semi-glossy, premium finish for those who are looking for it


  • Sticky feel, might not be appealing to many users and home owners

Info Section

There are quite a few points that you should consider before buying your paints. The wide array of products available in the market does not make this any easier, of course. Go through these factors, as it will make it easier for you to choose a paint. It will also make your garage experience more convenient. 

  • Material/Formula

The material or formula of your paint will initially decide how long it will last, and also how much you will need to spend. 

  • Latex

Latex is basically acrylic or water based. It is a mostly friendly choice as it can be cleaned with simple soap and water. Latex is a very convenient option to go for especially if you do not have prior experience with paints.

  • Oil

Oil paints are more difficult to clean and also end up drying more slowly. However, this slow drying also means that it will be harder to take off once it has dried up. Make sure that your brush or rollers are cleaned properly in case you have used oil paints

  • Plastic

Plastic based paints are the cheapest option, easily. They will also be the most mediocre option to pick from. The final finish of a plastic based paint will be less appealing than that of latex or oil. However, it will be much more easier to afford and to replace in case you want to.

  • Finish

There are a wide variety of paint finishes to pick from. 

  • Matte

A matte finish for your garage walls will mean that they will look slightly glossy and be very low on reflectivity. They will be able to mask the uneven surfaces however, so matte can be a great option for older garage walls.

  • Satin

Satin is slightly shiny, and makes some good accents on molding profiles. They can also resist from collecting fingerprints, stains and scratches. They will mostly fit kitchens and bathrooms, but garages are a good way to go too. 

  • Gloss

The most premium choice of the bunch, glossy finishes are great for living rooms and dining rooms. The shine will look excellent with good lightning. Moreover, glossy finishes tend to also be stronger, but more brittle to scratches. We will say that glossy finishes are not the best for a garage. 

  • Durability

Durability for the walls of your garage is important in case you work with tools on your car or just in general. You do not want brittle or fragile coats of paint that give away easily.

  • Stains

Resistance to stains is the utmost important thing when painting a garage. If you are working on your car with any colors, chemicals etc. then the paint coats will be exposed to risk of stains. 

  • Eco-friendliness

This one is easy to guess. You want a coat of paint on your garage walls that are healthy for you. High VOC, high odor should be avoided at all costs as it may hamper your health. 

Final Thoughts

These were the best paints that you can get for your garage. Choose wisely, as you will probably have to put a lot of effort to redo your garage after doing it once. You should go through the buying factors thoroughly before choosing a paint.

We hope this article has proven to be helpful for you, and that it helps you in painting your or someone else’s garage. 

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