Best Garden Hose Foam Gun

The traditional way of washing your car using a hose and a bucket of soapy water is quite a hassle. To top it off, you are either using too much soap, and the car is not even that clean. An easy solution to this is a garden hose foam gun. They make the job easier and are much more effective. If you are new to foam guns, things might seem confusing at first. That is why we have brought to you the best garden hose foam gun you can find in the market.

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Best Garden Hose Foam Gun 





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Adam’s Standard Foam Gun Adam’s Standard Foam Gun

Cost-effective foam gun that does not need a pressure washer

The hose nozzle is quick to connect

The canister is 32 ounces

Wide fan sprayer

Chemical Guys ACC_326

Chemical Guys ACC_326

Hooks to a standard hose

The foam concentration can be adjusted

Industry grade cleaning product that properly cleans your car up to 95 percent

Novosun Foam Gun Sprayer with Wash Mitt and Towel

Novosun Foam Gun Sprayer with Wash Mitt and Towel

Will fit most hose

The foaming stick is adjustable parallel or vertically

2 in 1 function. Can spray water and foam

Adjustable water pressure using hand grip

Best Garden Hose Foam Gun

The King of Suds- Deluxe Car Wash Sprayer

Has bottle fill lines

Will connect directly with a garden hose

Rubber seal to prevent leaks

Best Garden Hose Foam Gun

MATCC Car Foam Cannon Blaster and Hose End Spray

Brass standard hose connector for almost every hose

Rubber sealed loop to prevent leaks

Metal and mesh double filters


1. Adam’s Standard Foam Gun

Adam’s Standard Foam Gun

Adam’s Polishes is a known brand that is preferred by many. Their foam gun is a cost-effective option, in the sense that it will not break your bank balance. The Adam’s Standard foam gun gives you a copious amount of rich wash foam which prevents your car from getting unwanted scratches due to greater lubricity.

With its wide fan sprayer and 32-ounce canister, you will get maximum coverage for your car. The 3 versatile metering tips will allow you to control how much soap you want to use. Adam’s Standard is an overall pick that will save you time and is super easy to use. 


  • Lightweight and super easy to operate
  • Impressive coverage with metering tips to control soap usage
  • Adam’s guarantees 110% satisfaction
  • Cost-effective and will last long


  • The same quality is not maintained, some parts feature plastic construction

2. Chemical Guys ACC_326

Chemical Guys ACC_326

This ultimate car wash foam gun can connect to any kind of garden hose, which diminishes the need for additional tools and machinery. The product is able to produce slick foam that is capable of properly cleaning the car assuring over 95 percent cleanliness.

Swirls and scratches are prevented on the painted surface of your car. You can adjust the foam concentration that combines the soapy water with running water and air to form foam. You can dilute the ratio of soapy foam according to how dirty your car is. Not only does this save soap, but makes cleaning more efficient.


  • High-quality foam gun that assures 95 cleanliness
  • The nozzle has an adjustable dilution ratio
  • Easy to install and handle


  • The pistol handle needs to be properly secured to prevent getting hit

3. Novosun Foam Gun Sprayer with Wash Mitt and Towel

Novosun Foam Gun Sprayer with Wash Mitt and Towel

The Novosun foam gun sprayer is a complete package, equipped with a wash mitt and towel for the best washing experience. The product can be hooked to most hoses and has a 2 in 1 function, in the sense that both water and soap can be sprayed. The foaming stick can be adjusted to move parallel and vertically.

Plus, you will find a high-capacity foam bottle of 900ml. The foam flow can be changed using the dial, and the water pressure can be adjusted using the handgrip. There is a metal clip on the handgrip to fix the water pressure and make your hands free.


  • 900 ml high capacity foam bottle does not need to refilled constantly when washing your car
  • All parts of the car can be washed using the adjustable foaming stick
  • Easy 5-step setup


  • Reports of runny soap/water mixture
  • Some customers have experienced leaks and insufficient pressure  

4. The King of Suds- Deluxe Car Wash Sprayer

Best Garden Hose Foam Gun

If you are looking for a premium product, then the Deluxe Car Wash Sprayer by The King of Suds is a great option.

The foam gun can directly connect to any garden hose, diminishing the need for any additional tools and making set up super easy. The foaming pressure washer is able to produce suds almost instantly and can go from a garden hose to a foam sprayer with just one click.

The foam bottle has lines for better accuracy when mixing soap and water. The best thing about this foam sprayer is that it comes with a precision fit rubber seal nozzle which effectively prevents any kind of leaks. Washing your car does not need to be messy anymore. 


  • Has USDA authorization
  • Easy to set up courtesy of one of the best hose adjustment attachment
  • Instantly generates thick suds
  • The Quick release connector allows the product to go from a garden hose to a foam sprayer with just one click


  • One of the more expensive product on our list

5. MATCC Car Foam Cannon Blaster and Hose End Spray

Best Garden Hose Foam Gun

The MATCC foam gun has thought of everything to provide the best product. Their brass hose connector can be hooked on to any standard hose, and the rubber-sealed loop prevents any kind of leaks.

The spray features double filters, metal and mesh material to filter out particles from both soap and water. The MATCC Cannon Blaster has versatile use as you it is compatible with water-soluble fertilizers and insecticides. So aside from cleaning cars, you can use them in your garden.


  • Warranty of a year
  • Versatile use
  • Top-notch quality product


  • Cannot be adjusted

Garden Hose Foam Gun Buying Guide

Now that you have an idea about the best garden hose foam gun, this buying guide is here to help you know what the things are that you should keep in mind before making your purchase. 

Types of Foam Gun

In the foam gun market, there is only a handful of designs. They all essentially follow the Gilmour line of foam guns. The place where they vary in is their functionality; you will find adjustable and non-adjustable foam guns.

Non-adjustable ones are usually relatively cheaper, whereas adjustable foam guns are suitable for when you want every nook and cranny of your car to be covered with soap with minimal effort. Plus, with adjustable guns, you can shift from soap to water with just a click of a button, or control the thickness if you want to.


If you plan on using the foam gun for a long period at a time, then the pressure is extremely important. It is all about how much effort you want to give while using the product.

Low-pressure foam guns are ideal if you do not want your arms to get tired, while high-pressure foam guns are better suited if you want to put in more effort and feel the work while you are at it. 


Filters remove and keep particles from the mixture to get released when you spray. They help to prevent any kind of potential damage to the car or any other vehicle. It is recommended to choose options that have a mono or double filter, for the best results. 


The durability of the foam gun is directly related to the construction quality. The product must be made from robust, high-quality materials that are able to stand strong chemicals and the brass fittings are able to resist rust and corrosion. If the quality of the materials used is poor, it will result in the product falling apart once exposed to heavy and rigorous use. 


Garden hose foam guns are usually found in a price range of $20-$55. The price varies according to the brand, as well as any additional features such as filters, adjustability, compatibility, and more.

For example, an adjustable foam gun is relatively more expensive than a non-adjustable one. First, note down the features you need in your foam gun and set your budget accordingly before making a purchase. 


Getting the right garden hose foam gun is crucial as many things depend on it. The list we have complied includes only the best garden hose foam gun you can find in the market. Having said that, we recommend Adam’s Standard Foam Gun and Chemical Guys ACC_326. Both of these foam guns are efficient at cleaning your cars, economical, and overall are great options. 

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