Best Garden Hose Filters

Garden hose water filters are used to make sure that your plants flourish in your garden. Due to its high demand in recent years, you can find a plethora of options on the market. This makes choosing the right hose confusing and challenging. So to make things easier, we have compiled a list of the best garden hose filters in the market, plus, a buying guide.

Best Garden Hose Filters in 2021




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LOVHO Sediment Water Filter

LOVHO Sediment Water Filter

Can connect to a standard hose, water spigot, or pressure water inlet

Garden hose pressure of 80 PSI

40 or 100 mesh value screen

Clean Water for Fun Garden Hose Filter

Clean Water for Fun Garden Hose Filter

Water capacity of 10,000 gallons

Can remove chlorine, chloramines, and VOCs

Catalytic carbon for its antibacterial properties

Polypropylene and plastic construction

Camco GardenPURE Carbon House Water Filter

Camco GardenPURE Carbon House Water Filter

Reduces chlorine and chloramine compound levels

Removes odor, bad taste, cloudiness, and sediments from water

Ideal for hydro and aeroponic gardening system

 M Mingle Garden Hose Filter

M Mingle Garden House Filter

Filter Kit comes with inline hose filter of 40 mesh screen, 100 mesh screen, 3 filter washer, 2 hose washer

Able to connect to the standard garden hose, pressure washer inlet, and wash spigot

¾ inch GHT male and female thread and max 80 PSI garden hose pressure

​AquaCrest Garden Hose Filter

NSF 42 AND ANSI 61 certified

Quantum Disinfection technology

250,000 gallon capacity with a rate of 12 gallons per minute

1. LOVHO Sediment Water Filter

LOVHO Sediment Water Filter

If you live in a small area or use a well for your water source, then the LOVHO water filter is the one for you. This product can be connected to a variety of options including a standard hose, a water spigot, and a water pressure inlet. The sediment filter works great at removing excess sediments.

You have an option to choose between 40 mesh value and 100 mesh value sediment filter depending on how free of materials you want your water to be.

The metal coupler body adds to its durability and can work at a maximum water flow rate of 80 psi hose pressure. This is a standard water filter where services like installation, cleaning, and maintenance is assured by LOVHO for superior customer experience.


  • Fantastic customer service
  • Filters sediments from well water
  • Suitable for small farms
  • Does not have a max water capacity
  • Metal coupler contributes to its durability
  • High-value product at an affordable price


  • Cartridge if indisposed can cause harm to the environment
  • Does not remove chemicals or compounds such as chlorine from the water

2. Clean Water for Fun Garden Hose Filter

Clean Water for Fun Garden Hose Filter

The Clean Water for Fun Garden hose filter has a polypropylene and plastic body construction that has a water capacity of 10,000 gallons and is made to last you a long time. It can attach to standard garden hoses and claims to reduce chlorine, chloramines, and VOCs from the water.

The steam-activation process is accelerated using carbon made from coconut shells. Catalytic carbon technology is used to break down the chlorine and ammonia bonds and chloramines.

Aside from that, the carbon absorbs disinfectants, herbicides, pesticides, and trace-level organic materials. Although the filter cannot kill microorganisms, it does a good job if you live in an area with a decent water system.


  • Great value for money
  • Easy to install and use
  • Eliminates chlorine and chloramine to a large extent
  • Durable construction because of its polypropylene body


  • Low water capacity of only 10,000 gallons output
  • Does not remove microorganisms and is only suitable for areas with a decent water supply

3. Camco GardenPURE Carbon House Water Filter

Camco GardenPURE Carbon House Water Filter

If you have an organic, hydroponic, or aeroponic garden, then you might want to look into the Camco GardenPure water filter. The filter uses a granulated activated carbon system to filter out harmful chemicals such as chlorine and ammonia compounds, chloramine, aluminum, mercury, lead, hydrogen sulfide, cadmium, and other heavy metals.

To add to that, the filter also removes sediments, odor, bad taste, and cloudiness from the water for a better experience. This makes using water from this filter system safe not only for plants but livestock, pets, houseplants, and compost.

The product has a small 1,000-gallon capacity and a slower rate of one gallon per minute, so the Camco GardenPure is only suitable for small gardens, tubs, or swimming pools. 


  • Safe for plants, pets, livestock, and compost
  • Fits a standard garden hose, no assembly required
  • Has a durable plastic construction
  • Multiple-use for gardens, tubs, or swimming pools


  • Small 1000 gallon capacity and a slower rate of one gallon per minute
  • Not suitable for fish tanks or ponds

4. M Mingle Garden Hose Filter

 M Mingle Garden Hose Filter

For a high-quality and durable option, the M Mingle garden hose filter is a good choice. It comes as a kit that includes a 40 and 100 mesh screen, 3 filter washers, and 2 hose washers.

The two mesh screens will filter out all kinds of sediments from your water and can be attached to the standard garden hose, pressure washer inlet, and wash spigot. Several reviews have mentioned that this product can filter out sand from power washer tools and has a one-year guarantee.


  • Easy to set up and durable construction
  • Clear body to view the clean water
  • Easy to clean


  • May leak if not connected properly

5. ​AquaCrest Garden Hose Filter

This filter uses a revolutionary Quantum Disinfectant technology to kill bacteria that uses electron movement that destroys microorganisms when in contact.

They have several certifications that vouch for their results and uses GAC to remove odor, chlorine, bad taste, and organic materials. It has a high water capacity of 250,000 gallons and 12 gallons per minute.


  • Results in extremely safe water
  • Excellent return policy and warranty
  • Large water capacity


  • A bit expensive

Garden Hose Filter Buying Guide

Now that you have an idea about the best garden hose filter, there are certain factors you should keep in mind to make sure that you have the right product. 

Material of the Filter

The material of the filter depends on the type of things you want to remove or clean your water from. If you do not want the dirt, rocks, sediments, and any other kind of debris then you should opt for a sediment filter. The mesh value determines how fine a particle will be filtered. So the higher the mesh value, the better it is. 

The other kind of filter material that is popular about people who live in the city are the ones that have some form of activated element in them such as copper-, carbon-, or silver-based compounds. City water is laced with chlorine and chloramine, which is good for humans but can be harmful to plants.

These elements help to separate chlorine and chloramine from the water and possess antimicrobial properties that kill off bacteria. 

Many of the featured garden hose filters on our lists such as the AquaOX, Camco GardenPURE, and Clean Water for Fun use activated carbon in their filters. The porous structure of carbon helps capture chlorine, ammonia, pesticides, disinfectant byproducts, and herbicides from your water supply.

However, granulated activated carbon alone does not kill viruses and bacterias. Graphitic carbon nitrite combined with granulated activated carbon will eliminate all harmful compounds from your water. 

The Size

The filter you have chosen has to be compatible with your garden hose. You may choose a filter of the highest quality, but if it does not fit your garden hose well, then it will be of no use. Most of the water filters mentioned on our list are compatible with a standard garden hose.

If your hose differs from a standard one then be sure to research and find a water filter that is compatible with your garden hose. 

The matter of size also extends to the water filter itself. If the filter is too big, it might result in leakages, while a small water filter may lead to blockage. Before making a purchase, be sure to measure your hose to avoid getting the wrong size. 


A garden hose filter is an economical investment, in the sense that it will not cost you too much. A good quality filter is cost you somewhere around the $20 range. The price further goes down if you are able to find a water filter that is on sale or has a discount.

However, the price does tend to go up significantly if you wish to purchase a filter with additional features. For example, quick connectors or activation buttons are going to cost you more than a normal water filter.


You should choose a water filter depending on the needs of your background. All the garden hose filters mentioned on our list are the best you can find in the market. However, we would recommend the AquaOX because of its high efficiency.

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