Best Energy Saving Power Strips

In the world of electronic appliances, the energy saving concept is dominating the choice of the buyers. A two-for-one approach reduces the electric bill and enables the user to make an environment-free choice as well. From different types of power strips available in the market, we have shortlisted some of the best energy saving power strips for you. 

List of the 7 best energy saving power strips is given below.




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Best Energy Saving Power Strips TanTan

6-in-1 power strip

App control

Schedule appliance usage

Best Energy Saving Power Strips

Kasa Smart

3 smart outlets

2usb ports

Compatible with ios10 or Android 5.0 or higher

Best Energy Saving Power Strips ANHAORUI

6 smart outlets

6 always on outlets

Compatible with ios8.0 or above/ Android 4.4 or above

Best Energy Saving Power Strips


4 outlets


Safe and energy saving

Best Energy Saving Power Strips


10 AC outlets  (5 smart+5 non-smart outlets)


6ft chord

Best Energy Saving Power Strips


4 outlets


3.28ft chord

Best Energy Saving Power Strips


4 smart outlets

4 always on outlets

4 USB ports

1. TanTan

Best Energy Saving Power Strips

The Gosund Power strip is a smart power strip with the latest technologies in it. The key features are voice control, remote controls, and multiple safeguards. There are 3 USB charging ports and three plugs in ports that can accommodate multiple devices at a time.

The power strip works with a 2.4G wi-fi router without the assistance of a separate hub. One can control by simply giving voice commands through Alexa or Google assistant. The Gosound power strip app is convenient to use.

For efficient energy saving, one can schedule a time to turn off the devices when they are not working. Along with saving energy, it features multi-protection safety during overload to protect the devices from damage. Overall, the power strip has all the smart features with good build quality.


  • Efficient controlling 
  • Protects electric appliances
  • Optimum use of energy


  • The length of the chord is short

2. Kasa Smart

Best Energy Saving Power Strips

Kasa smart plug power strip KP303 has 3 outlets and 2 USB ports, accommodating 5 appliances at the same time. It is ideal for use at home or office. The unique space saving design leaves other outlets free and can fit into narrow spaces. With the help of Kasa Smart app, you can control the devices from anywhere.

It supports Alexa and Google assistance making the operation easy. This also enables to set schedules and timers. Both the app control and timers contribute to saving energy. If we compare the previous power strip with this, the features are almost the same, while it has fewer USB ports than the Gosund one.


  • Handy design
  • ETL certified surge protection
  • Longer chord
  • Efficient energy saving


  • A bit expensive in comparison with similar items
  • Ideal for a specific purpose such as charging


Best Energy Saving Power Strips

This is a multi-functional smart power strip with 6 smart outlets, 6 always-on outlets and, 4 USB charging ports. A convenient ‘smart home’ app makes it easy to control the power strip through voice control or remote control. The USB ports and always-on outlets are not controlled by the app.

One of the key features of the plug is the length of the chord. A 6ft extended cord makes it unique from similar items. The built-in surge protector offers safety to electronic appliances.

Like all other smart strips, it only supports a 2.4G Wi-fi network and can be used without a separate hub. The best thing about the product is that after-sale service which offers 30-day return and 12-month replacement.


  • Can accommodate more devices
  • Extra extended chord
  • Smart energy saving by giving option with non-smart plugs
  • ETL certified
  • No issues with the replacement


  • USB can’t be remote controlled
  • Doesn’t offer scheduling time


Best Energy Saving Power Strips

The HEYVALUE charging power strip comes with 4 USB ports and 4 AC outlets. The ‘Smart Life’ app allows the user to control the smart power strip through iOS or smartphones. Each power strip supports up to 30 smartphones control.

While the 4 outlets can be individually controlled the 4 USB ports are controlled as one unit. With this smart power strip, you don’t have to return to a dark house. The unique feature of syncing lights and devices to sunrise can help to save energy efficiently.

Scheduling the home appliances such as fan, water dispenser, TV, light, holiday decorating lights provide a convenient power supply. One can buy this power strip confidently because it has a UL certification for overload protection and product support surge protection.


  • Can effectively absorb sudden heavy flow
  • Perfect for setting schedules
  • Can be synced with sunlight
  • Can be controlled by more smartphones


  • No designated app for this strip particularly


Best Energy Saving Power Strips

This is a multi-functional smart power strip with 10 AC outlets and with 5 smart outlets and 5 always-on outlets. 4 USB ports can charge almost any USB device. One can turn off the appliances automatically with the countdown timer feature. Each of the outlets can be individually controlled.

It’s pretty cool to control the individual outlets through a mobile app, Google assistance, or Alexa. There is a built-in surge protector which protects the appliances from damage during short circuits.

This is a great power strip if you want to control your fish tank’s daytime light and nighttime lights. A convenient screw hole to mount it to the wall makes it easy to set up.


  • Versatile power sockets
  • Smart Wi-Fi connection
  • Powerful for fast charging
  • Good build quality


  • Syncing with an app might be problematic as it works through a common app

6. Nooie

Best Energy Saving Power Strips

Nooie smart power strip comes with 4 outlets and 4 USB charging ports. The ETL listed and FCC certified nooie power strip has a good build quality along with a thick 3.28ft long power chord. “Nooie Home” app enables the user to control the power strip from anywhere.

It supports Alexa, Google home assistance which is very easy to sync with. The surge protection effectively absorbs the sudden huge energy flow saving appliances from irreparable damage. It’s a lightweight power strip that can be controlled through multiple phones.


  • Portable
  • Scheduling helps to save energy
  • Easy to set up
  • Two-year replacement service


  • Accommodates less device in the given price range

7. AHRise

Best Energy Saving Power Strips

AHRise power strip has 4 smart outlets and 4 always-on outlets and 4 USB charging ports. The built-in surge protector of 1680 joules prevents the overflow of energy.

It can be controlled through syncing with the ‘Smart home’ app. There are 2 screw holes to mount the power strip. This is very convenient to use and is a good deal available in the market.


  • User friendly
  • Easy to set up
  • Multiple outlets 


  • Works through a common app which may not always be compatible

Buying Guide

  • What is a power strip?

You may be the type of person who never forgets to turn off the switch once the work is done. Yet, you’ll need a power strip. Because, your smart TV, laptop, cable box all the devices use energy even when they are in sleep mode.

An advanced or smart power strip cuts off the power once it senses the appliances are in standby mode. Thus, energy saving power strips makes your household more energy efficient.  

  • Key features to consider while buying a power strip

The number of outlets: A power strip can accommodate many different devices so look for the one which has as many outlets as you plan to the plugin. Power strips which have enough space in between the outlets can accommodate larger plugs without blocking the adjoining outlets.  

Length of the cord: choose a power strip after determining the distance of your appliances. How far you can place it and plugin maximum devices depend on the length of the chord. Often we don’t consider the length of the chord and buy one based on assumption. 

Purpose of the power strip: For household equipment or workstation, choose a power strip compatible with your application and environment. Various power strips are designed for particular purposes. So, buying a power strip without considering the application purpose is not a wise thing to do.

Safety features: To prevent system overload, there must be circuit breakers in the power strip. A good power strip should also have a shock resistance mechanism to save from accidents. 

Smart power strip: Traditional power strips can’t stop the devices from consuming energy when they are plugged in. So, buying a smart power strip is a smart choice to minimize wastage of energy.  


The energy saving power strips reviewed above are not in any particular order. However, our favorites are GoSund and HEYVALUE ones because they are highly recommended by users.

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