Best Basement Windows

Basement windows gives your basements a new look, better light, and air source and most importantly makes it optimal to live in. But there are many good basement windows out there in the market that make it very difficult to find the ‘ Best Basement Windows ‘ available in the market.

Regarding this issue, we’ve gathered a list of the best basement windows for you so that you can speed up your searching process and find the best choice for you as soon as possible. So, let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Best Basement Windows

Here are our top 5 picks regarding the ​basement windows available in the market:




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Best Basement Windows


Hooper type basement windows

Size 32×18 inch

Clean and quiet way to maintain your lawn

Best Basement Windows

Advantage Manufacturing VH1608

Hooper type basement windows

Size 16×8 inch

Protects against UV lights

Best Basement Windows


Hooper type basement windows

Size 32×15 inch

Cast metal lock

Advantage Vent Basement Windows

Hooper type basement windows

Size 24×8 inch

UV resistant

Shed Windows Basement Window

Horizontal sliding-type basement windows

Size 36×24 inch

Tempered glass window

1. HI VBHI3218PR – Best Basement Windows

Best Basement Windows

The VBHI3218PR from HI is one of the ​finest basement windows if you want one of the best hopper windows in the market. This 32×18 inch insulated glass window gives you perfect screen coverage along with an internal weeping system, so you don’t need to worry about dust, rain, or snow. This is a great buy if you want a solid basement window for yourself. 


  • Hooper type basement windows
  • Large size with included internal weeping system
  • Cast metal lock for security
  • Insulated glass with a 100% screen coverage


  • Glass’s durability is not the best compared to others at the same price point.

2. Advantage Manufacturing VH1608 – Best Basement Windows

Best Basement Windows

Another great hopper window, this basement window comes with a unique safety feature that helps you against the harmful UV lights from the sun. It offers a generous size of 16×8-inches. The double-plane glass frosted doors are made to ensure that you get the best thermal experience possible.  


  • Hooper type basement windows
  • Energy-efficient window style
  • Protects against UV lights
  • Double plane frosted glass doors
  • Insulated glass with removable insect screen


  • The lock system has low durability
  • Glass is on the heavier side
  • Size is a bit smaller than the other available options in the market

3. DUO-CORP 3215ART – Best Basement Windows

If you are looking for a large-sized hopper window, this product from DUO-CORP is the perfect choice. This 32×15-inch glass window is an out-n-out hopper window with a sloped sill which offers a 100% efficient water removing process with a metal lock that is sturdy and robust.


  • Hooper type basement windows
  • Large size with included sloped sill for efficient water cleaning
  • Cast metal lock for security
  • Removable glass
  • Provides good durability


  • Flexibility can come in as an issue for some buyers
  • Price is very high compared to other basement windows

4. Advantage Vent ​- Best Basement Windows

Suppose you are looking for the ​finest basement window. In that case, the Glass block vent from the Advantage Vent is should be one of the tops in your priority list as this 24×8-inch hopper window is great for the environment and also a great addition to your basement’s aesthetics and airflow.


  • Hooper type basement windows
  • Energy-efficient and UV resistant
  • Double plane frosted glass doors
  • Comes with a removable insect screen
  • A good budget option


  • Overall durability is lower than standard

5. Shed Windows ​- Best Basement Windows

For above-ground basements, the Shed Windows basement windows are the perfect choice if you are looking for a double slider window. This 36×24-inch basement window is the best if you want maximum airflow and light into your basement.


  • Horizontal Sliding-type windows
  • Double-paned comes with 3.2 millimeters of tempered glass
  • Comes with a Low-E PVC frame
  • Vinyl coating helps to prevent peel and corrode.


  • Very costly

Buying Guide ​

Before picking windows for your basements, there are a few things that you need to consider. And depending on your basement’s environment, your personal preference and overall use of the basement windows, your perspective regarding the best basement windows might change.

So, make sure to get these factors up to your satisfaction before purchasing basement windows as if it doesn’t fit your needs afterward, it can’t be called the best basement window now, can it?

So, here are a few factors that you should keep in mind when picking the basement windows for yourself!

Types ​

There are quite a few types available when it comes to choosing a basement window. It will solely depend on your need and preference to determine which type of basement windows are the best option for you. Here are a few basement windows types that are common in the market:

Hopper Windows ​

The most common and the most standard basement windows have to be the hopper windows. These windows are shorter in height but longer in width, and they come in with a bottom hinge, and it is opened from the top. So, it looks like it isn’t pushing out; instead is falling inside your room.

The security measurement is also quite up to the standard as hopper windows are operatable via a pull-down lever. You can also add another pull-down lever for convenience. So, if you want to add a window in your basement but don’t have any unique preference or are confused over a multitude of options, then go with hopper windows as you can’t really mess up with this type of window.

Awning Windows

If you want to add windows on an above-ground basement or partial above-ground basement, then go with awing windows without any doubt. Awning windows keep rain, snow, and dust all away at the same time so that it doesn’t matter what the condition of the weather outside of your basement is. You will always be able to receive fresh air.

The built structure of an awning window is the complete opposite of hopper windows as this type of window is hinged at the top and opened from the bottom. 

Awning windows are a great choice if you are in need of awing in your basement. So, if you need fresh air no matter the season, then go with awing windows as the best basement windows type for you.

Double Hung Windows 

Now, this might come as a surprise, but double-hung windows, which are mostly used in the home, are also a great option as a basement window if and only if your basement is above ground.

Adding double-hung windows as your basement windows will provide you with good airflow and nice temperature control. As double-hung windows are commonly used, they come in various designs and color combinations that are a rare find compared to other basement windows.

Horizontal Sliding Windows 

There is a reason why many architects and designers go with horizontal sliding windows because you can’t go wrong with a classic. If you have a walkout basement, then a horizontal sliding window should be the first option that you will pick above all. They provide an exciting look while also giving enough airflow and light into your basement.

Fixed or Picture Windows

If getting the maximum amount of light in your basement is your desire, then the Fixed or picture windows are the option you should consider as this type of window is the best match for your taste. Unlike hopper, awing, or sliding windows, this type of window doesn’t offer much portability or moving option, but it compensates with a larger size and quality structure.

Casement Windows 

Another great option for above-ground basements. The casement windows are highly regarded for their security lock and aesthetics. So, if you want more security regarding your windows, then go for casement windows without any hesitation.

Glass Quality 

A crucial factor when picking up a basement window is the glass quality. A glass with good durability and visibility (regarding your preference) is something that you should always be careful over before picking a basement window for yourself.


The size of your windows will highly depend on the height and width of your basement, and it will also determine your budget, so keep an eye out for what sizes you need to give your basement a perfectly finished look.


Finding a good basement window is quite a challenge, but the challenge gets harder to the next level when it comes to finding the basement windows. But hopefully, if you’ve come this far of the article, then you already figured out and found the finest basement windows for yourself. So, best of luck decorating!

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