Are You Supposed to Freeze Lettuce?

If you’re thinking of freezing lettuce to make a plate of salad the next day, go home already! There is no way you can make a salad with any frozen lettuce. Disappointed already? Don’t be, because you can still learn to freeze lettuce to use the frozen lettuce in your cooking. 

Delicious soup, or curry, you can use lettuce to garnish any of these consumables. Keep reading if you are interested in learning the techniques.

Types of Lettuce You Can Freeze

While there are many types of lettuce that a person can consume, there aren’t many lettuces that you can use to freeze. Examples of freezer-friendly lettuces include romaine or Cos types and Boston or bib types.

You can find varieties that offer different leaf colors for each of these lettuce types, from deep burgundy to maroon speckles, chartreuse, to rich green. If you are going to freeze them, make sure to take the ones as rich in green color as possible. 

Many of these lettuces can be pretty hard to find in the market. If you can’t find them in the market, you could order the leaves online or grow some by yourselves so that you can use them later on whenever you want. Besides, locally grown ones tend to be fresher, so they will hold up better if you freeze them.

How to Freeze Lettuce

Freezing lettuce is very easy. In fact, unlike freezing most vegetables and fruits, there isn’t any grand process or stage to freeze lettuce leaves. Follow the guidelines below by the book:

  1. Separate and wash: Lettuces tend to have a lot of dirt between them. So if you are going to pass them, make sure to separate them by leaves and then wash them. Remove the base root since it will give a bad after taste if you consume it. 
  2. Dry thoroughly: Leave the leaves to dry in a draining bowl so that all the water can leave the leaves. Wipe them with a towel gently. Note down that lettuces show a better freezing property if they are dry.
  3. Store in an airtight container: Ensure that the container is a vacuum as possible. You could also use a freezing container to store the lettuce. Just make sure that the leaves do not come in contact with oxygen in the air before they can freeze. If they come in touch before the freezing process is over, they will start to rot slowly.   

How to Defrost Lettuce Leaves?

The defrosting step is just as easy as freezing them.  Take a bowl of water and pour some ice blocks on the water. Lay the lettuce leaves in the cold water. Once the leaves start to bend or float on top of the water, you can remove them.


With this, you should already know whatever is needed to know when you intend to freeze lettuce. If you like lettuce in your soup or curry, freeze them over to have them more often.

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