5 Online Stores That Support Climate Change

As information about climate change becomes more widespread and readily available, more and more people are become aware of this impending and prevalent issue. So, to see a better future, consumers are now making purchasing decisions that help further their commitment towards supporting climate change by partaking in environmentally friendly practices. 

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5 Online Stores That Support Climate Change

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Several studies have found that with the boost in online shopping trends, the world’s carbon emissions have increased significantly. While, companies such as Amazon are planning on becoming carbon neutral, consumers have realized that sitting and waiting around for them to do so isn’t a viable option anymore. This is why it is important for us consumers as citizens of the world to seek out online stores that are supporting the climate change cause by partaking in sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. 

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If you have a special place in your heart for this planet and prefer to do your shopping online, well, then this is just the article for you. Why not combine your two interests by choosing online stores that support climate change. It is important for consumers to change the way they purchase their products by partaking in ethical online shopping, thus making it the future of consumer purchase decisions. With the sales of online shopping hitting 76% over the past year, there has never been a better time to choose online stores that support climate change. To help you do so, here is a list of 5 online stores that support climate change through the use of environmentally friendly practices within their business models and supply chain.

1.0 Online Stores That Support Climate Change: EARTHHERO

5 Online Stores That Support Climate Change

EARTHHERO is the personification of an ethical online store that supports climate change through its business practices and might just be the best alternative to Amazon. This online store has all that Amazon has, of course, excluding the bizarre disregard for buyers and sellers, which can be quite clearly seen with Bezos. This online store has an incredibly vast range of sustainable products, which are just what we need. From kitchen products to bathroom products, accessories to clothing, baby products that are zero waste, to pet products that are eco-friendly, we truly meant it when we claimed that this online store has it all. The best part is that they also feature shipping, which is carbon neutral, proving them as one of the pioneers when it comes to the creation of online stores that truly support climate change. In order to help you make better consumer decisions, their website also has an entire page that is dedicated to showing a variety of sustainability logos in their use. This allows consumers to shop for products that align with their values and priorities. There is no doubt that EARTHHERO has a true and sincere commitment towards sustainability and eco-friendliness.

2.0 Online Stores That Support Climate Change: FOOD52 Vintage Shop

5 Online Stores That Support Climate Change

If you are a foodie and love vintage shopping, then you have most likely heard of this online store. FOOD52 Vintage Shop is known for its products, which fall under the category of sustainable kitchen and home goods. So, even if you’re not an expert at distinguishing a souffle from a molten lava cake, you will still be able to find products of your interest here. This online store’s motto is to eat thoughtfully and to live joyfully. Now, who wouldn’t want to get behind that? From the name, you could also judge that this online store features kitchen products that are vintage. However, the best part is that they feature eco-friendly products from cutlery to cookware, dinnerware, and even food storage products. They also have a range of non-vintage items that are also eco-friendly, such as picnic baskets.

3.0 Online Stores That Support Climate Change: ACCOMPANY

5 Online Stores That Support Climate Change

Another incredible ethical online store that supports climate change, ACCOMPANY is known for its global curation of incredibly unique handmade products. They offer a wide variety of products, such as fashion products, home accessories, and even fair trade gifts. That is not all; they also offer eco-friendly handbags, decor, artisan jewelry, apparel, and even dinnerware items. So, no matter what you are looking for, you can probably find it on this online store. ACCOMPANY believes that there is a purpose in every purchase and uses those purchases to make a worthwhile business model, which is why they are also certified by B-Corp. There is no doubt that with their business practices, ACCOMPANY is able to bring human impact and fashion impact together, which is achieved by their careful selection of makers who come from either indigenous communities, philanthropic non-governmental organizations, fair trade co-operatives, and different types of benefit programs spread across forty separate companies for communities considered to be at risk. So, not only does ACCOMPANY support climate change with the help of their eco-friendly production they are also not known to give back to the world and its people. 


The Little Market is another great online store that sells a variety of eco-friendly products, which includes food storage containers that are plastic-free, bath products, kitchen items, home decor, and more. What’s interesting about their website is that they have a Shop By Cause option, allowing you to contribute to the cause that is most dear to your heart while making eco-friendly consumer decisions. This online store truly deserves recognition as it is a nonprofit founded by women who are committed to supporting opportunities for income for women. They are also only known to partner with those groups that provide their workers with safe and respectful conditions and fair wages.

5.0 VERISHOP’S “The Responsible Shop”

This is another great online store that is sustainable and offers products that are eco-friendly. In fact, it was even launched on Earth Day and is also one of the stores that allow you to Shop by Cause. They have not only eco-friendly products but also sustainable products, products that are fair trade certified, and even cruelty-free products. You can also use this online store to get your hands on zero waste items for your closet, kitchen, and bathroom, which is a great contributor towards supporting climate change.

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