5 Online Stores That Give A Military Discount

The Armed forces of any country are the backbone of its economy. It plays the most important role in maintaining a peaceful and safe environment for its citizens. Our troops go out of their way and risk their lives to ensure our safety and security. 

With more than 19 million veterans in the US army in 2021, it is more important than ever to show our gratitude. Even brands are doing their part in supporting our troops. So, if you are a veteran looking for military discounts, you have come to the right place. 

Here are the top 5 online stores that give a military discount.

1. Online Stores That Give A Military Discount: Timberland

5 Online Stores That Give A Military Discount

Timberland was founded in 1952 and is based in Stratham. It is one of the oldest American manufacturers of outdoor footwear. They offer a variety of products ranging from hiking boots to clothing and accessories. They manufacture for all genders and age groups.

The brand also works on making the world a better place. They use conventionally grown cotton in their clothing. The leather they use for footwear undergoes environmental audits by Leather Working Groups.

Timberland is one of the best online stores that offer military discounts. They offer 20% off on the total bill. They also provide a discount to active duty members, retirees, and anyone who has given their services to the US military.

To prevent scamming and fraud, Timberland requires individuals to verify their credentials. This helps the company to make sure that they provide discounts to the deserving person.

2. Online Stores That Give A Military Discount: Apple

5 Online Stores That Give A Military Discount

Apple is a well-known American brand of cellular and electronic devices and software. It was founded in 1976 in California. Apple has achieved the benchmark of being the first US company to reach the trillion-dollar mark. 

Apple’s range of products includes cellular devices, smartwatches, laptops, software, and other electronic appliances. What makes Apple unique from other brands is its iOS software and the App Store. 

Apple in 2018 launched its own military purchase program. They offer a 10% discount to the current and veteran members of the military. Spouses and the immediate family can also opt for this program.

The company also requires verification of the official credentials of the personnel. In addition, some terms and conditions apply to the purchase program. However, they do not apply to all the services of Apple.

3. Online Stores That Give A Military Discount: Hickory Farms

5 Online Stores That Give A Military Discount

Hickory Farms is a family-owned American food gift retailer. The company was established in 1951, and it has its headquarters based in Chicago. One of their top-selling product is gourmet meat baskets.

All their baskets are handcrafted and include fresh, high-quality ingredients. They also offer cheese baskets, wines, chocolates, and desserts. The purpose of their diverse product range is to bring people together in a time of joy and celebration.  

It is known as one of the best online stores that offer military discounts. For example, they offer a 10% discount to military personnel. They also have a variety of military care packages and gifts on their official website. 

Veterans can receive a free APO/FPO discount if they shop Hickory Farms products through military.com.

4. Nike

Nike is a US-based multinational company that designs and manufactures sports footwear, accessories, and equipment. Nike was founded in 1964, and it has its headquarters based in the state of Oregon. It is partnered with other sports brands such as Jordan and also owns Converse. 

According to Nike’s 2020 annual report, 40% of its revenue is generated through the sales of sportswear. To design and develop their sportswear, Nike works closely with athletes and work on enhancing their products.

The multinational get their products made from more than 400 factories in around 12 countries. Nike’s success combination includes innovation, athlete sponsorships, and marketing campaigns.

Nike has contracts signed with billionaire athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo and LeBron James. This also reflects that the brand does have the financial power as they back such important athletes. The hype Nike has created can also be seen by people waiting hours in queues outside the stores.

Nike is one of the best online stores that give military discounts. They offer a 20% discount to active duty and retired military personnel. To get the discount, all individuals have to first verify their identity. Then check and make sure that they are eligible if they are military personnel.

5. Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley is an American luggage and handbag company that is based in Indiana. They design, manufacture, and retail accessories mainly for women. 

Two friends founded this company while they were traveling and lost their luggage bag in a pile of black plain bags. The range of products they offer includes handbags, luggage, travel bags, and accessories. 

Since 2016 the numbers of Vera Bradley revenue has gone down a bit. However, that hasn’t affected the business from carrying out its corporate social responsibility. Their mission statement is to connect and empower women in their remarkable journeys. 

Vera Bradley is one of those businesses that only work forwards and are guided by their core values. These values laid the foundation for this business, and they are what still keep it alive.

They are one of the top online stores that give military discounts. The business gives 15% off on all products to military veterans after their credentials check out. 

Final Words

That was your complete guide to the 5 online stores that give a military discount. All of these brands are reliable, well-known, and sell high-quality products. That is why you can rely on them to provide you with a safe experience. 

Each of these stores has particular policies to avail military discounts. Thus, we suggest you check out their products thoroughly. Also, keep in mind that some of these brands offer discounts to veterans’ family members as well.

These 5 online stores that give a military discount are all US-based. This means you can easily have products delivered to your homes. So if you’re a veteran or a family member, you should visit these brands’ websites to place your order today.

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